Spring Trend: Colorful Rain Jacket

So, I know it’s only the second day in March, but I am firmly focused on the idea that Spring is coming. I know it’s hard to feel that way while most of the country got snow dumped on us this past week, but I am READY for Spring. The only downside of Springtime is the rain.

Disclaimer: I love rain. I ADORE rain. I like to curl up with a book and a cup of tea when it is pouring down. I love to bake when it’s raining (stupid because it messes with the humidity in the food, but nonetheless… I bake). I love the Pacific Northwest because if the near constant rainfall and London is my happy place. So I write this post from a perspective of someone who thinks “YES! It’s RAINING!!” When I hear it on my roof. Despite my unhealthy love of rain, it will ruin an outfit. So here I am.

Rain will put a damper (haha, see what I did there?) on even the cutest of outfits. What you need is a chic and colorful cover to both brighten up your day and protect your cute ensemble! I have rounded up some of my absolute favorites below.


Ilse Jacobsen


Lands’ End



The Lululemon “Fo Drizzle” coat :)


LL Bean


Lands’ End


Via Spiga

Via Spiga




The North Face



Ok, so it’s not colorful, but it is cute! I’m still on the hunt for a kelly green rain coat. I’ll let you know if I find one!

I hope you found one you love! Good luck in the rain my friends! Go forth and be dry and cute!


Kate Spade Haul (Video)

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Outfit of the Day: Date Night + Link Up

Printed Pants 4

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Outfit of the Day: Cobalt Pencil Dress


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