Outfit: Navy and Chartreuse

Uy6qcf88iwVYbwzBjdsXUrl3EB4c_34RSqXMhuRB3gAI love a good pencil skirt. This skirt is a staple in my wardrobe and I have had it for years. It looks great with cognac boots and a sweater in the fall, and I love pairing it with sandals and a blouse in the spring and summer.

Side note: This shoot was hilarious. It was windy- so my hands were always up holding my hair. vIxOJiUaU0FIkCTW39V7HmTk0VY8dXwtlzyFKII46eo rk1iUENqiZwurfE7dxHCD7LC8vO22blMj_WuvtZcQbs

So, this tree was BEAUTIFUL, but it also had bees flying around it the entire time I was sitting here. Let me be frank. I am TERRIFIED of bees and wasps. Notice my cautious look as I keep an wary eye on those little punks buzzing about. cR_v-S_iLhjFI7-Wt4dXiFU8i3STnXFcnX1WnimrMds

No kidding, I was preparing to bolt off of that bench and hightail it out of there if they came any closer.

Sigh. The struggle is real people. But have no fear, I sucked it up and finished the shoot. I’m sure everyone was real concerned, right? 😉 JEuD4HNcA9ZA9Bu_I8Xj0unAq87t7kHeTffpfCpeEIE LinPE2D7kru9TpRuIfggqVgjkrNsE8UpDi0_atK1svs

Photos: Jacque, Inc.
Blouse: LOFT (similar)
Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (Soooooo comfortable!)

My insect and wind drama aside, I really do love this outfit. It’s fun, but fairly modest so you can wear it to a wide range of occasions. Also, I love chartreuse. It’s such a vibrant color! It’s very spring/summery to me. Hmmmm… I might need to find a skirt with some pops of chartreuse in it. What do you ladies think? Do you have any of this lovely hue in your wardrobe?


Guy Friday: The Track Jacket


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Outfit of the Day: Casual Mom Style


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