Fall Trend Alert: Jeans

Everything is cyclical in fashion. Things that were in style when I was much younger (overalls are a prime example) are coming back with a vengeance. Up until now, I’ve been pretty “meh” about some of these trends, but I can feel society as a whole breathe a sigh of relief when I tell you that…

wait for it…

bootcut and flare jeans are coming back!

YES! For all of you that hate skinnies and have bemoaned their existence, you can rejoice as bootcut and flare jeans are back! You can get as crazy as you want with the size of the flare, but I am more of a bootcut girl myself. I LOVE a good bootcut jean on women. Let me just tell you, a dark bootcut denim will make ANY woman look taller and skinnier. It’s one of my favorite styling secrets and I was annoyed when skinnies were the end-all-be-all of denim because they DON’T SUIT ALL BODY TYPES. Nor does everyone want to wear skin tight/constricting jeans. I hated that selections were minimal when I was styling clients and that was just irksome.

Now that they’re officially back, here are my top 3 picks for bootcut jeans:

Low: Express Faded Dark Low Rise Bootcut $40

Mid: Gap Long and Lean (my favorite for all clients!) $69.95

High: 7 For All Mankind Original Bootcut $178 (Or any of their bootcut jeans)

So pull out your boot cut jeans and wear them with pride! They’re baaaaaack! 😉


Outfit: Grey and White


Time flies! Summer is almost over (thank goodness), but I wanted to share one of my favorite "summer" mom outfits before I switch to fall clothes (yay!). Sometimes when I'm out with the baby running errands, I need something cute that keeps me cool and doesn't make me uncomfortable. This outfit is a favorite of mine for that very reason. Also, each item in this outfit was under $20- except for the handbag, because, well, Kate Spade doesn't do THAT deep of a discount on their sales. ;) … [Continue reading...]

My Favorite Highlighters


Highlighters. I love them. They make you look ethereal and lit-from-within. Who doesn't want that?!?! I rounded up my collection and gave my honest reviews for you guys in a video today. I also linked them below so you can see where to purchase them. https://youtu.be/VGzBbxaxkm0 (Clockwise from top left:) Physicians Formula in Translucent Hourglass in Ethereal Light Sephora Jelly Pong Pong Physicians Formula in Light Bronze The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer Do you have any you love? I … [Continue reading...]

Outfit: Skinnies and Red


It's not secret that I love a strappy heel. If you remember correctly, I picked these shoes from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale as a favorite of mine, and I love them! They're not bright red, more of a cheery red, which suits me. They have a wider strap over the toes and that always is more comfortable than a skinny one. Paired with my favorite jeans, a basic black shirt and a statement necklace and I'm good to go! This is one of Ian's favorite looks on me- skinny jeans and heels. So I opt for … [Continue reading...]

Favorite Dry Shampoos


I will be the first to admit that I don't wash my hair very often. Like twice a week. Why? Well, due to my curls and length, I need to keep from stripping all of the good nutrients and oils from it, so I keep it covered when I shower and use dry shampoo the rest of the days to keep it smelling and looking clean. If you aren't aware of what dry shampoo is, it's AMAZING. It's a spray of microscopic dust that soaks up oil. Brilliant. When I was younger, I would use baby powder to do the same … [Continue reading...]