The first cool air has (finally) come to Wichita, and that automatically makes me think of Fall. When I think of Fall, I immediately think of fabulous fall fashion! Although the cooler weather may mean covering up more, think tailored layers (we don’t want to add bulk).

Payless Chelsea Flat

Trade in your flip-flops for some chic ballet flats. You can find inexpensive ones at Target and Payless for under $20! If you are looking for more of an investment, I would suggest Tory Burch, J. Crew, or even Chanel.

If you have a favorite skirt, but don’t want to freeze your legs off, layer it over a pair of opaque tights. This look works with heels, flats, boots, etc. **Never, EVER wear tights or hose with peep toe or strappy shoes. This is a major no-no!**

Burberry Trench Coat

Invest in a cute trench coat. Old Navy makes trendy ones each fall. If you really want something that is classic- go for the Burberry Trench. (If you would like one in a mid-price range, look at Banana Republic or Ann Taylor.)

Whatever you do, find some sort of statement piece that makes the outfit unique. Think: colorful scarf, cute gloves, interesting shoes, or even a sassy purse/bag. Make sure you are wearing some color! It will brighten your look in the dreary days to come!

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