The problem with purchasing fall clothes before the weather turns chilly presents itself each year. I get super excited about a sweater or a blazer and then have to wait patiently for the weather to cooperate. Yes, I could wear the aforementioned items while it is still 100 degrees outside, but that sort of defeats the purpose.

Today when I woke up and saw the rainy/relatively cool forecast I immediately knew what I would wear. (Yes. I know i’m ridiculous. Welcome to my world.) I purchased this tunic from Anthropologie a few weeks ago and have been dying to wear it. Due to the rain outside I figured I could get away with boots as well. 🙂 What can I say- I was really excited.


A tunic is a great way to still keep some style without sacrificing comfort. The light nature of the fabric also lends well to layering. I could add a navy blazer or a fun scarf easily to add a bit of warmth.

I’m a huge advocate of boots (as you will see this fall) so I threw on my favorite pair of cognac Guess boots (similar here) with some simple gold jewelry and was good to go! (Jewelry: Stella and Dot- Renegade and Christina)


As far as the handbag goes… so there I was: at the Clinique counter stocking up on essentials (it was bonus time, yay!) and as I walking out of the store I saw this tote. It was one of those moments where you know you’re in trouble. The color and size were perfect!!! So, knowing me and my LACK of shopping impulse control, I scooped it up and walked straight over to the mirror for further inspection. I actually don’t own any other Michael Kors bags, but I loved this!


The dogs decided to investigate while I was taking pictures, so thought I would show you some shots of the furry babies. Note: when adding dogs to your life, get them in the SAME COLOR otherwise a lint roller will forever be attached to your hand. Doesn’t matter what color of clothing, one of their hairs will show up. Maddening. They’re lucky they’re cute.  🙂



Hopefully wherever you are, the weather is cooling down so you can start your fall wardrobe rotation! Happy early fall!



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