A while ago my dear friend Sally Manlove approached me and asked if I could pick a favorite fall outfit for a quick photoshoot for her blog. Of COURSE! Honestly though, narrowing down to one outfit was a PROBLEM.  Lol. It’s like picking a favorite child. Well… bad example. It’s like picking a favorite pair of shoes. I just can’t!!! I love so many!

Regardless, I settled on a basic layered outfit with a cute khaki cape. Yes, I said cape. It’s a fun take on the trench coat, and I adore it. It also  gave me a chance to wear my new red heels (I talked about them here) and it was quite fun! Her pictures are amazing and I appreciate the opportunity to see her cute face and work with her!

Here’s one of the amazing pics she took, but go here for all the pics and outfit details!


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