HAPPY HEEL MONDAY! Kidding, that’s not a thing, but it should be…

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see that I had a large order from Sole Society last week. It was a crazy week because I went a little nuts at Marshalls and re-decorated my home. I was so busy making my house pretty, I TOTALLY forgot to post about my shoes and handbags! (Silly me!)

This is not a sponsored post, so let me just be honest, I really do love this site. You all know I adore designer heels, but I also have had my fair share of inexpensive shoes as well. Here’s my thought on cheap shoes: you get what you pay for. I rarely find a pair that fits how it should, wears well, and is comfortable. Yes, I love a cheap pair of shoes that I’ll wear one season. HOWEVER, as my closet space dwindles, I tend to be more selective in what I purchase. I’d rather buy one mid-range priced pair than 3 inexpensive pairs. Here’s where Sole Society comes in. They are made well, super cute and they offer trendy pieces for those who want trendy, but may not want to spend hundreds to get it.

I have several pairs from Sole Society and I adore all of them, and get always receive compliments on them. So there’s my unintentional plug.

Case in point: Fall menswear trend. Red heel trend. Combine them and you have the Sonita.


It’s so cute, fairly inexpensive, and comfortable! You’ll see more of these tomorrow (yay!) with a collaboration I did over the weekend.




I really think you should own at least ONE pair of red heels. Every woman should. If you hate heels, own a cute pair of red flats. Heck, get both if you’re so inclined. (You know I would!) I feel so strongly about women having a pair of red shoes, I may just make a post about it with options.

Look for my collaboration tomorrow! Happy Monday everyone!


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