As many of you know, I used to dedicate every Friday to the men. As before let me preface all of my advice: My blog isn’t for the guys that read GQ and get regular manicures. I write for the average guy that needs a bit of help. The guy who hasn’t updated his wardrobe in a decade or so. Or the one who owns one pair of shoes.  (Or lots of ugly ones.) Guy Friday is devoted to giving a bit of wisdom paired with a bit of wit, and sometimes public shaming. 🙂

Those who were with me last year at the old blog may recognize the topics at first because I may have to re-do the basics for the readers who don’t have that info to build on. (Perhaps old topics on Saturday, new on Friday. Hmmm, let me ponder that.)

So today I’m going to take it slow and we’re going to discuss two work wardrobe essential thoughts: the polo shirt and the undershirt.

First, the polo shirt: Gentlemen. Let me just say that a tight polo shirt is completely off-putting. I don’t care if it’s tight because you washed it on the wrong setting and it shrank or you gained weight since college and still want to wear it. NO. Wear what FITS you. The sleeves should come to a middle point (and not be tight) of your bicep. Not two inches above like this:


See, I bet he thinks he looks great. He does not. The shirt is too short on the arms and too tight in the shoulders. It shouldn’t look like you put on a kids polo on accident.  This next picture is my favorite:


My face looks about the same as his does. 🙂 Here’s the deal- if this is what you want to wear when you go out, do what you will. People will still make fun of you, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. This is for WORK and you should dress accordingly. Being professional is half what you bring to the table as an employee and half of how you present YOURSELF. If you present yourself in super tight polo’s, you look like your mom shrank your polo when she did your laundry last night because you still live at home. Be an adult, EMBRACE correct fitting clothing! If you’ve gained weight, buy a larger size. If the polo shrank, buy a larger size.

Branding on polos- your polo should have no larger than a quarter sized stitched logo on it. that’s it. Nike, ok. Ralph Lauren, sure. Under Armour fine. Abercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle or Hollister- ABSOLUTELY NOT. You are grown men with real jobs. Nix the frat boy clothing guys. It looks bad. Nothing worse than a grown man trying to act like he’s still in college. NOPE.

If you’re complaining about spending money on new polo’s there are several places that make them fairly inexpensively: Target, Sears, JCP, heck I bet even Walmart makes them. I would recommend if you wanted to spend more- a golf type (dri-fit) shirt. They are comfortable, they don’t shrink and they don’t fade. They wrinkle rarely and in general just look polished and professional. Two thumbs up for (properly fitting) golf polos.

Look at this guy: you can tell he has some muscles because of the draping of the fabric, but he doesn’t look like a sausage casing, which is always a plus!

Nike Mens Drifit Bodymap Golf Polo Shirt

Now onto the undershirt situation. The short version: wear one.

Several reasons: 1. If you wear one of those abomination tight polo’s, we can see through the polo and it’s not professional. The undershirt provides a smoothing layer. 2. In addition to smoothing you down so it doesn’t look like your polo is painted on you, it also wicks moisture and helps prevent excess sweating that would soak through your shirt and look like this:



I’ve worked with this before. I had college professors like this. Heck my college physics professor at Nebraska looked like this EVERY DAY in class. I couldn’t concentrate because I wanted to go give him an undershirt so badly.

If you don’t like your undershirt to show, buy a v-neck version. If you feel like it’s too confining, invest in one that is more tailored and made of a softer cotton blend. Polo by Ralph Lauren makes some great ones. It will feel better under your button up or polo. Trust me.

Well hopefully this helped a bit. I’ll be back next week for another Guy Friday. Have a great weekend guys!


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