Guy! Happy Saturday! If you’re new to the blog, every Friday I post a half-helpful/half-ranty post regarding male fashion. I did this for a year on another blog and now I’m bringing all of that sarcasm and wit to this one! For those who weren’t around for round one, I’m going to re-cap past posts about Guy’s Style on Saturday. A catch up, of sorts.

This first post is about basic “don’ts” for guys. These are universal. Just trust me.

1. No white leather shoes. Air Force One’s? No. Shell toe Adidas? No. A white canvas substitute is perfectly fine.



2. Flat brimmed baseball hats. Absolutely not. (Or Trucker hats.)



3. Super tight “muscle t-shirts.” This is not the Jersey Shore. Get your GTL on somewhere else.



4. Saggy jeans or “dad” jeans. As in- not fitting properly in the behind. Ban those suckers.


5. White Sunglasses. Just say no “bro.”


The rule of thumb is this: once out of college (or college age) STOP dressing like a college kid. This includes (probably) how you dressed in college. Very few guys have it together (wardrobe wise) in that period of life, and that’s ok because it’s college. Let’s hope that as your career develops, your wardrobe does as well.

My goal is not to turn the readers of this blog into super trendy GQ-reading guys. I just want to help you to stop making poor clothing decisions, and update your wardrobe so you feel better about how you look. Most of the time, honestly, guys don’t know what they’re doing wrong, and if they do- they aren’t sure how to fix it. I’ll give small tips and hints to edit your wardrobe (yes, it’s called that) and update it with the pieces necessary.

Welcome to my world guys!




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