Happy Friday guys and welcome to October! This means fall is fast approaching (already here) and that means we should adjust your wardrobe a wee bit to accommodate the changing weather. As always, I’m not trying to turn you into this crazy fashion forward guy who wears pants so tight he can’t sit down comfortably. My goal is to make you look acceptable. Heck, even good! Every guy has this level of comfort where they know and stay fairly consistent when it comes to their wardrobe. Their neighborhood, if you will. You may live in “Sports Fan” neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit “looks fantastic on a date” neighborhood from time to time.

I’m rolling with this analogy. Let’s delve into each neighborhoods and discuss the pros and cons.

Dad Jeans Neighborhood:
You know it well. Faded jeans purchased in that other century (that’s right, you’re old) and are so worn, they’re not worn in (as many of you like to claim) they’re completely worn OUT. As in- they need to go to a special place and be incinerated. invest in some basics. You can go Wrangler with football legends and NASCAR drivers telling you how well they fit and how comfy they are. Levi’s make a ridiculous amount of jeans as well. Honestly if you don’t know what you buy- go into a department store where you buy your clothes and ask someone in the jeans area for help. That’s what they are THERE FOR.

Frat Boy Neighborhood:
Sup bro? Still dressing like you did in college *cough*and in high school*cough*? We can fix that. Rule number one with you fellas: Buy REAL SOCKS. Not nike athletic socks (I’m looking at you… you know who you are). I mean actual dress socks to go with your work shoes.  (Note: NOT SPERRYS) Bust out a fun pair or some argyle- the sock choice of pirates everywhere. Get it? Arrrrrrrrrgyle. Nevermind, moving on. In addition to socks, get fitted somewhere for a nice collared dress shirt. If you’re feeling daring, get a french cuff on the end of that sleeve and then rock some awesome cuff links. I almost purchased CIA spy cufflinks that are USB’s but then remembered I’m not a guy… wah waaaaaa. Also, final point, though it was acceptable wherever you went to school- you do not, under ANY circumstances, show up for a breakfast date in flannel jammie pants. Dude. PUT ON SOME SWEATS. If you’re that lazy and you want to be comfortable, fine, but wear sweats NOT PAJAMA PANTS. I just saw this two days ago, so I’m still ranty about it.

The Neighborhood Where You Don’t Go to Unless You Know Someone:
Stop wearing flat brimmed hats, all white leather sneakers, pants too large and massive hoodies. You probably have good hair. Don’t hide it under a hat. Air force ones’ went out of style a while back… try to keep up. Now it’s all about the canvas shoe. Invest in a good Converse or something similar- preferably in white, grey, or navy. Black looks a little too Emo/Gothy for my liking. Don’t go all skinny jeans falling off the rear – Justin Bieber style. Just find some that fit. Hoodies are amazing. Find some that fit and are stylish and rock them.  Huge hoodies- not so much.

Athlete/Sports Fan Neighborhood:
I’m lumping you guys all into the same category. “I’ve had this sweatshirt since HS when my team won the…” blah blah I stopped listening. Yes, you were awesome once, chances are you’re probably still pretty awesome for your age. However, you do not need to keep every dri-fit shirt even given and every hoodie that’s ever kept you warm during a game. We call this athletic gear and it’s GREAT for laying around at home, playing sports, even running a few errands on a Saturday morning in. HOWEVER these clothes are not MEANT to be “public” clothing. I’m looking squarely at YOU Bill Belichick and your cut off hoodies of SHAME. Your best chance is to wear jeans instead of sweats, and slacks instead of jeans.

Guys, it’s not that hard. Next we are going over fall basics for any man’s wardrobe. Get excited.

Have a great weekend and try to not embarrass the women in your life with your poor clothing choices. 🙂

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