I know, you’re probably thinking: “There’s a National Handbag Day?” Why yes, dear reader, THERE IS!! The awesome girls over at PurseBlog.com made today the first annual National Handbag Day. It’s official. So in their honor, I thought I’d share one of my favorite bag of all time  and then show some that are chic and reasonably priced. The reason I differentiate between the two is because the fist bag is…






A bit of background,  Hermès is french (for those who didn’t know) and is pronounced like “heir” (as in “heir to the throne”) – mes. Everyone always say it like they’d pronounce the word “her.” For examples, most men I know, say Her-meez. Or like the Greek god of religion. Not Hermes. Hermès. 🙂 Anyhoodle, In 1981 the CEO of the company was on a flight and sat next to actress Jane Birkin and there’s a long story associated with it, but BASICALLY she complained about her handbag and he designed one for her. That, my friends, is service.

This is THE staple bag for celebrities. They cost anywhere from $7,500 up to (wait for it) $150,000. That’s right. I said it. One hundred and fifty THOUSAND dollars. This is probably the most copied handbag in history with replicas everywhere. Chances are if you see one, if might be fake. Lol. It’s glorious, but honestly, I’d rather have a car.

On to things that NORMAL people can afford. (And get their hands on. There’s a LONG wait list for a Birkin Bag.)

Love this bag from Target: Merona Zip Closure Satchel Handbag in Navy. $35


Also love this one as well. It is a close similarity to the Celine handbag that is $3,500. This guy from JustFab.com is $40. (It also comes in black and brown.)




This ASOS Stachel with scalloped trim is cute and I love the ladylike vibe with the bright green color. $40



I adore my Faye from Sole Society. It holds EVERYTHING and it’s real leather- so I know it will hold up to my crazy life and shenanigans. I have it in the cognac, but this Poppy color is gorgeous! ($150)



I know, I know. No boring black bags. I have one black doctor bag and I love it, but I’m also a sucker for a brightly colored handbag! Also, you might have noticed no designer brands above. Here’s the deal with that- I think that if you’re prone to loving one brand (ex: Coach, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, etc.) you stick with that brand. You’re loyal. I probably won’t convert any of you die hards away from your designers, and I’m well aware of that. But for those who want a bit of style without spending hundreds, these websites I listed above are great starting places.

Today is a happy one filled with joy and you know I love a good whimsical holiday (National Talk Like A Pirate Day- I’m looking at you), so take advantage of this joyous occasion and go peruse the handbags at your local department store. Or you could hop online and click at gorgeous bags all day long. Or both!!

Happy National Handbag Day Everyone!



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