So, although I love the Fall, I do not love how dry the air gets. It wrecks havoc on my skin and I’m constantly finding ways to counteract all the dryness. I’ve had a lot of people comment about how dry their hands get due to all of the washing in hopes to avoid cold/flu season. I’m with you! In addition to the skin on my hands, the cuticles get super dry and it kind of ruins a great manicure if the rest of your hands look terrible. My secret:


The Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa super Softening Hand Lotion with paraffin. Paraffin is the uber moisturizing wax they dip your hands in when you get manicures to deeply moisturize. This lotion is fantastic and its won a ton of awards. It has a light citrus scent which I don’t find overpowering and makes my hands crazy soft. The other weapon in my anti-dry skin arsenal is the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen. It’s basically cuticle oil in a handy travel-friendly pen. I wash my hands a ton and I always forget to put cuticle oil on my nails because it’s inconvenient. (I’m the girl that always remembers when I’m not at home where my jar of cuticle oil sits on my nightstand.) I can pop both of these in my purse and apply when I need to throughout the day.

Hopefully this helps you ban dry skin these winter months- at least on your hands!


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