Sometimes my day is so crazy it requires two outfits and today is just one of those days.

First is a work outfit for meetings, so I stuck with a basic silk shirt and pencil skirt. I love the navy pumps, and it took me FOREVER to find some navy patent leather pumps I actually liked. (And that’s saying something. Normally I’m a ninja with online shopping.)


After that, I headed to the dog park to take my little ones out to enjoy this amazing weather. The park has areas that have pretty high grass and a pond that results in muddy paths. I didn’t want to wear a coat, but sometimes the wind picks up and it becomes cold quickly, so I opted for a vest and a beanie. My Hunter wellies are a staple once it gets cool outside, and I appreciate the rinse-off quality when I’m mucking about with the furry babies.




Outfit One (Professional)
Blouse: Limited
Skirt: Merona
Belt: Limited
Shoes: Merona Melanie Pump

Outfit Two (Casual)
Shirt: Ann Taylor
Vest: Vintage
Jeans: Gap 1969 skinny
Boots: Hunter Wellies Tall
Beanie: Target

Happy hump day! Halfway to Friday! 🙂


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