Happy Friday guys!

Yesterday I found a coat at Old Navy for the ladies that was quite similar to a J.Crew coat in my look for less, and that got me thinking about you gentlemen. It’s getting cold outside and you guys need what I’m going to call the “adult coat.” Why? Because most men don’t buy this coat until after they’re grown ups. Officially they are referred to as “topcoats,” “overcoats” and “waistcoats.” They are wool and similar to a pea coat, but a bit longer. (Around mid-thigh, give or take a few inches.)


They typically come in black, grey or tan (camel colored to mimic the camel hair coats). Black is classic and quite dapper, but grey provides a bit of a younger feel I think. The coat above is Burberry and priced around $2,500 I doubt any of you want that. Here are some less expensive options:

Here’s one from Zara that I LOVE:


Here’s one from Banana Republic that I really like:

Wool Double-Layer Coat - Black

By far the best selection you’ll find online (reasonably priced) is from Men’s Warehouse.

Here’s one in slim fit, which is more on trend and honestly doesn’t add bulk to make you look wider than you really are (and it comes in Big and Tall sizing!):


If you don’t ever wear suits and wear super casual clothing to work (ie jeans) invest in a pea coat. Those are practically everywhere and honestly, you can find them at military surplus stores. If you wear business casual, you should still own a longer wool coat. If you get one that looks more like a trench coat, it will fit into your wardrobe better. Like this one (but ew on the necklace):


If you wear suits frequently or even a couple times in the fall/winter, you need a topcoat. They last forever and are quite classic/timeless. They’re everywhere, so if you know you need one and don’t want to pay full price shop on Black Friday, right before Christmas, right after Christmas or in March/April.

I hope this helps you dress more like an adult and slowly expand your wardrobe.

Because you love me, I thought I’d include a picture of something that may be fashion forward, but you will NEVER see me suggesting:


Trust me. I filter things before I suggest it to you guys. 😉


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