This is my first “High Five for Friday” with The Lauren Elizabeth, and she’s adoreable.The top highlights of my week mostly include purchases. Lol, I’m sorry but that counts as a highlight for me…

1. New handbag! I heard there was a sale on Kate Spade online, sooooo I sorta went over and got one. Haha, if you know me, you’re not surprised. I have a knack for being able to justify purchases, but I figured that since it’s black, I could use it. We shall see. It’s basic and it was on sale. Win, Win.


2. New jewelry! I am totally in love with this necklace.

IMG_20131030_145805I also got some from Ily Couture and Target. Haha, I’m all over the place this week.

3. It Rained!! I’m one of those crazy people that loves rain. Granted, my hair does NOT love rain, but it wasn’t down that day so I wasn’t complaining. PlusI got to wear my Hunter wellies. (And my favorite boot socks. Don’t judge bc they look a bit ridiculous.)


4. I got my Erin Condren Life Planner in the mail! I don’t know if you’re aware, but these bad boys are AMAZING! I was back and forth about getting one and then I saw Kristina’s (Pretty Shiny Sparkly) review of hers and she actually picked the exact one I was eyeing anyway, so it sorta sealed the deal for me. It takes a couple of weeks to get it, so I have been patiently waiting (read: impatiently) for it and was crazy pumped when it arrived.


5. HALLOWEEN!!! I feel like that it’s a given, but regardless, it was great. We live in this super cute neighborhood with tons of couples our age and most have small kids. So we normally hand out candy and admire all of the cuteness that shows up on our doorstep. I mean seriously, they are SO CUTE! It’s nice to watch all the little ones grow up and see what they dress up as each year. But this was the first year we were supposed to dress up as a couple costume which was going to be AMAZING, but my incredibly prefect husband whisked me away for a romantic dinner. Not only that, my FAVORITE dinner- crab legs. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but awwwwwwww. 🙂 He’s so amazing. We went to see our friends/Ian’s co-workers awesome costume party, and they didn’t disappoint. It was a blast.

All in all it was a solid week!

What about yours? Glass half full week, or glass half empty? Let me know in the comments below!


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