It’s been a long week guys. I saw a great deal of poorly dressed men so let’s discuss some sweaters.


If you think they’re itchy, stop buying wool. Invest in cashmere. It’s softer and warmer and in general very cozy. Think they’re too tight? Wear them a bit, they will stretch out. I promise. Sweaters are one of those things that you need to buy a QUALITY item otherwise it will pill (ball up) and stretch too much. I love Jos. A Banks sweaters because they last a good while and they are fairly reasonably priced when they have their crazy sales.

My hands down 100% favorite: The half-zip sweater (wear with a polo or button up)





Second favorite: The polo sweater (wear with an undershirt that you CAN’T SEE underneath)




Basics: The Crew Neck (wear with a polo, button up or a t-shirt)




The V Neck:  (wear with a button up, polo, or v-neck t-shirt. NO crew neck t-shirts.)

(check out the crazy belt buckle)

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Other options if you want to go crazy:



I don’t love cardigans. You have to be super slim to pull them off and the rest of your outfit has to be completely polished if you don’t want to look like a hipster. So if you want to rock one, do so with caution. I also HATE sweater vests. I just do. They are not my favorite.

Mr. Rogers called, and he wants his sweater back:


Lastly, if you’re wearing jeans with  a hoodie, a sweater, a coat, etc- STOP WEARING FLIP FLOPS. It’s so completely ridiculous. Dress like an adult please!

Happy Friday!


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