It’s the first Guy Friday of 2014!

I’m sure many of you received money for Christmas and I’m here to tell you what to spend that on. No, not a new Play Station or iPad. What you guys need are some French Cuff shirts! Yes, I realize I’m a bit enthusiastic about this, and the reason for that is two-fold: 1. I really think every man should own at least one french cuff shirt, and 2. I’ve had a significant amount of caffeine this morning.

My favorites come from London on Jermyn Street. We usually stay around there and I am quite familiar with that area. (As is Ian.)

The Charles Tyrwhitt White Twill Non-Iron Slim Fit Shirt found here (0n sale!) :

images (3)Second favorite is from Thomas Pink and their “non-iron traveller” doesn’t come in french cuff, so I love ANY of their french cuffed shirts, just bummed they’re not iron free. Fyi, French cuff is also referred to as “double cuffed.” This is a gorgeous example of their use of colors and patterns. Everything PINK is amazing and crazy stylish. The ties and cufflinks from there are deeply fabulous and I spent a while there in Nov just picking two that I wanted to pair together and give as a gift.

f9aa3e97ab631548612a8a5c9ec4cdaaNow that we have the shirts all sorted out, let me show you why I love french cuff shirts so much: the CUFFLINKS!!

James-Bond-Cufflinks (1)

ac036-tom-ford-cufflinks-cylinder-skyfall-james-bondBond. Bond wear cufflinks and I pretty much love me some Bond.

Additionally, you can get cufflinks to express the way you feel or reflect your interests. It’s the male way of being able to accessorize, but still stay true to who you are as a person.

Apple freak?
images (2)Love Cigars?

Play guitar? Want a classic yet stylish look? Play video games or love Star Wars? There is a set of cufflinks for you.
images (1) 600_watch-cufflinks knot-cufflink-0808-lg-86284094 Video-Game-Controller-Cufflinks-0 star-wars-cufflinks

Honestly, I could do this all day long. Looking for fun cufflinks is quite enjoyable for me. I had a blast. Hopefully you can find a shirt that you can wear some of these super stylish guys with. I love a french cuff shirt, but I’ll be honest. It’s ALL because of the cufflinks.

Just get one. If you don’t have a shirt to wear cuffs with, invest in ONE. Then you have an excuse to collect cufflinks that represent your mood or personality. It’s marvelous.

Go forth and cuff up!!

PS. Slow clap for T that is representing the French Cuffs every day at work. I appreciate the effort. Classing up the group. 🙂 “Cuffs” is your new nickname sir.

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