One of the (many) benefits of my job is that I get to occasionally dress up and drag my super cute husband out for the night.

Background: While at an event Friday night, someone mentions that they are wearing a floor length gown to the “Gala” the following evening. To which, I whip around with a HUGE grin to my husband and said “a gala, eh?” Haha, he shakes his head and says “so you’re going shopping tomorrow?” I thought it was just a nice dinner, but if you throw around the word “gala” that is a completely different situation. One would think I paid more attention to the attire for an event, right?

I went shopping, got frustrated, and came home to grab Ian. He then patiently accompanied me to help pick out a dress which together, took 10-20 minutes, tops. Best. Husband. Ever. Here’s the dress my love picked out for me:

20140125_184143The dress is BCBG Max Azria, and I LOVE it! Oddly enough, it is super comfortable!

20140125_184111So in a fun twist, I styled Ian for the night, but I let him pick my dress, hair, shoes and jewelry. He did well, no?

I saw this as the perfect moment to wear the vintage fur that has been passed down through my family for generations. I would never purchase this now, but it’s amazing to wear something that has such history and a connection with the influential women in my life.

20140125_184401It was a lovely evening, and I had my partner in crime and life by my side for the entire thing. I really do have the most supportive and loving man as a husband. He cleans up so well!!





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