You’ve asked for it ladies, and now here it is! I am going to give you the basics that need to be in your closet. Some of you are building a wardrobe because you lost everything, some are editing down to see what you have, and some just want to know exactly what they should be shopping for. After many requests, I have put together a series of posts focusing on all areas of the wardrobe. As these posts will be rather large, I’m splitting them up into categories. First up-pants!

Skyline Skinny - Moonrise

This is somewhat self explanatory, but I usually say no more than 5-6 pairs. You will NEVER wear more than 5, and if you do- you have more closet space than I do. I have 2 pairs of hemmed bootcut to wear with flats, converse, etc. 3 good pairs of dark wash skinny jeans, and one un-hemmed bootcut pair that I never wear.

***I love Paige Denim and 7 for all Mankind jeans. Both are EXTREMELY flattering and have a higher rise so they don’t give you those obnoxious love handles. Low rise jeans don’t stay up, and unless you have 4% body fat, they will make EVERYONE look heavier. If you want designer brands, but not the prices, look for Vault Denim, because they have great deals, and I know a lot of ladies have used them in the past.

Black Skinnies

Everyone needs a solid pair of black skinnies. You can dress them up or down and they look fabulous and slimming. I vote that everyone owns several pairs so that you don’t have to wash/dry clean all the time

***My favorites are the black skinnies from J. Crew and J.Crew Factory. They fit my body perfectly and they have a bit of a higher rise at the waist, which I love. Loft has some fab ones as well, and I’ve even seen some at Forever 21, but the quality is not awesome.


You need some slacks/trousers for the times that you need to look professional. Skinnies just won’t cut that in the midwest. It can be the pants that came with your suit, or just some separates, but you need at least one pair of black, one of navy, and one khaki colored.

***I love Michael Kors trouser pants (a wee bit pricy), however some less expensive options are Banana Republic, Loft and The Limited.

Colored Pants

This is specifically up to you. I LOVE all of my colored skinnies. I have white, red, yellow, coral, pink, green, etc. BUT this is not a staple, it’s a trend for right now, so take that into consideration when thinking about what to edit OUT of your closet or what to add in.

Start figuring out how often you wear your pants. Do you wear jeans every day? Possibly up the number of jeans in your closet. If you wear slacks to work, I would advise more then three pairs. Figure out what you spend the MAJORITY of your time in, and then adapt accordingly.

Also, if you have pants from years past (I’m looking at YOU light denim) donate them. Everything should fit you well. That’s another key, DONATE everything you can to make room in your closet. Whether it is donating to a friend or to Goodwill, you need to get the old stuff that you’re not going to wear OUT of the closet.

If you have any questions about editing, feel free to ask in the comments! I love hearing from you!


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