Confession time: I’m totally a sucker for a coupon. Every so often Ulta will send me a coupon that ACTUALLY works on the “Premiere” products and I try to save up going until I have one. I had a benefit for the art museum (more about that tomorrow) on Saturday night, and needed more primer so I decided to bite the bullet and get the rest of the products I was out of/had been meaning to purchase.

So here’s the deal with Ulta and Sephora: I cannot get out of there for less than $80. AUGH! I know, I know the products last forever and they’re quality, but still… I feel a little like I have been hoodwinked each time I leave. I shudder to think how many pairs of shoes I could have purchased with the funds I have spent on beauty products. Le sigh.


First up, Kenra Volume Spray 25  Hairspray.


I was introduced to this by my cousin and I have become addicted. It is the PERFECT balance of touchable hold (if used lightly) and “this style is going absolutely nowhere” when piled on. I have tried the L’oreal Elnett and hated it. Haha, yes. Everything pales in comparison to the awesomeness of Kenra. Try it. Trust me.

Uban Decay Naked 3 Palette


This is the mother of all makeup splurges. I have heard FABULOUS things about this palette and I loved all of the neutrals. I also needed something that wasn’t full of super dark shades. Being a redhead, I don’t do dark smokey eyes too often because it really stands out against my fair skin. Also, I’m not going to rock a smokey eye at work. Haha, not so professional.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Adjust


I was introduced to this primer years ago when I was buying makeup for my wedding and have been addicted ever since. The green shade counteracts the redness in my skin (ugh, sensitive skin is the worst) and Smashbox is known for making primers that actually work. To explain, for those who haven’t used a primer before, you apply this before your foundation and it keeps your makeup from budging. No fading, creasing, feathering, etc. It’s glorious, and I highly suggest trying it out. I don’t use it every day, only when I have a night out or some occasion where I will be wearing a full face for an extended duration of time.
**public service announcement: when you wear a ton of makeup ALWAYS wash your face before bed! It’s terrible for your skin to leave that on there. I wash my face every night religiously, but I feel the need to say that after talking about a full face of makeup. Extra important. Oh, rant over. On to more products.

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls

This is by far my favorite luminizer. It’s not a bad price point at $14, and it offers the perfect highlight on my cheekbones when I’m feeling a bit drab. I also have some liquid luminizers, but this powder works on all foundations. I love it, and I highly suggest purchasing this product. They have several shades, so you can find one that works best with your skin tone.

Lastly, Ardell Fashion Lashes, #116
300 (1)

I use these when I am going to an event and I will be photographed frequently. I’ve had lash extensions before and I feel weird wearing them. They look fabulous when you’re dressed up, but they look a bit awkward at the gym, haha. I prefer the lashes I can throw on when I feel like, opposed to those stuck on me all the time. They’re only $4, and that is so much better than those at MAC. Not that MAC doesn’t have amazing lashes, but Ian joked last year after too many events that I needed a “lash” line item in our budget. Haha, oops.

So this is my beauty haul for the weekend. Nothing fabulous, but I’m pretty excited about the Naked3 palette. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!



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