Many of you already know, but we got a new puppy!!! A very long story short, after much discussion we decided to add another little blonde four legged baby to the family. Her name is Wicket, and she is fitting in quite well with the rest of the family.

I didn’t train Bailey (Ian’s dog) so I am a bit rusty on the whole dog parenting thing. Roo is 10 and that is the last time I put in full doggie mom effort. Bailey couldn’t crate train and it was a MESS, so when Wicket slept in her crate all night (one bathroom break at 4 am) we were thrilled. She can sit, stay, come, and I’m working on rollover. She goes outside and potties on command (!!!) so we have had minimal accidents. (I’m still getting the carpets cleaned in a few months though.)

I’m not going to pretend 3 dogs isn’t a lot, because it TOTALLY is. But this little girl is worth every bit. She’s so sweet and snuggly and quite chill. The only thing I’m not thrilled with is the puppy teeth. Man alive, I forgot how much those things HURT!!! Other than that, she’s perfect. Oh, and she looks EXACTLY like Roo, which I love. It’s like a little clone running around. 🙂

Happy Friday and enjoy the puppy pictures!!

IMG_20140330_163416 20140325_203915 20140322_164448 20140325_130510

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