SURPRISE!!!! Ian and I are beyond excited to announce that we will be joined by a little one this October!

We’re that couple the wanted to wait until we’d had a few years of marriage under our belt before we brought a tiny ball of crazy into our lives. I was thinking 5 years, Ian decided after like 2.5 that he was ready. And we’re not talking “eh, it’d be nice,” ready. It was full-on “Ian is DRIVING the ‘Adriele needs to have a baby’ bandwagon.” He’s pretty cute and persuasive, so basically EVERYONE in our lives was on that bandwagon with him. Needless to say, I have the most supportive and THRILLED husband ever.







Big thanks to my Aunt for letting us take pictures at her GORGEOUS house. Also, massive gratitude for my girl Jacque and her amazing photography skills. She will be the one documenting Baby Dixon, so expect to see her work here in addition to my blog shots! She’s fabulous and I can’t say enough about her and her work. If you want to schedule a shoot with her, or have any questions, feel free to email her:

Can you tell we’re excited? 🙂

Questions I’ve been asked:

Due Date?

October 10

Are you finding out the gender?

YES. I am a control freak. How am I supposed to plan the fabulous outfits and nursery if I don’t know the gender. I can’t live in a world with that madness.

Do you want a boy or a girl?

There are pros to either. I have 5 nephews and we have NO little girls in our extended family, so a little girl would get SPOILED. Little dudes can be dapper and chill, so hopefully I would get a mini Ian instead of a mini me. At this point, ANY healthy baby is just as exciting. We will be blessed regardless.

Who is changing the diapers?

I will during the day (benefits of staying at home), but Ian is getting handed the baby the second he walks through the door. 🙂 It will build character or something.

Will your blog start featuring maternity clothes?

Yes. I have a ridiculous amount of friends that are pregnant right now (my best friend is expecting TWINS!!!!) and have asked for some tips of what to wear. I don’t foresee this becoming a “baby” blog, so I’ll still show trends and options of where to buy them. Haha, I may just not be IN the outfits. 🙂

How has pregnancy been so far?

Meh. Some people adore being pregnant. Maybe I will be one of those women. Right now I am not. Hormones are kicking my rear and I am sick/dead to the world at like 7pm at night. My Second Trimester just started, so I’m already starting to get more energy. A shout out to my AMAZING husband who will go to great lengths to get me whatever sounds good. No really.

Any cravings?

Oranges. Soft Pretzels. Pickled artichoke hearts. Dairy Queen Star Kisses. Kalamata olives. I’m all over the board these days.


Sorry the blog has been neglected lately! I was so exhausted I was concerned with sleep and attempting to eat that I lived in sweats for a while unless absolutely necessary. I promise to do better!

Needless to say, we are positively thrilled for the baby and can’t wait for our little Halloween Spook to arrive in October! I may ask you guys for opinions on strollers, car seats, etc. 🙂

Have a happy Wednesday!!




**Side note: Ian wanted me to title this post “The Best Blog Post Ever.” Yeah… he’s not excited or anything. 😉

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