Happy Monday everyone! It’s gloomy and rainy outside, so what better time to lose yourself into some cute fashion? I absolutely adore the trend for this week due to its classic nature and ladylike simplicity: the tea length skirt.
I had a few of these in my childhood and they were the best “twirling” dresses a girl could own. Not too short to show things if you got spinning really fast, but not long enough to trip over. The things I was concerned with as a child… ahhhh, simplicity.

Now these skirts are comfortable, chic and quite wearable for almost anyone. There is one cardinal rule with these skirts: get the right hem for your height. (Too long and you will look dumpy.) Unless you’re a 6’0 super model, I would advise going with a length that hits mid calf and not lower. Also, if you are going to wear flats, nick the hem up to a few inches below the knee. You can get away with a longer hem if you are rocking heels to elongate your legs. If you shorten that visual line with flats, shorten the hem.

These skirts may be reminiscent of royalty, but you can wear these with almost anything in your closet. Blouses, t-shirts, blazers, cardigans, even a leather motorcycle jacket would work if you are looking for an edgy vibe.

Off of the runway, the looks are closer to this:
H&M Bell Skirt $49.99
hmprodASOS Full Midi Skirt $66.69
image1xl (2)Forever 21 Classic A-Line Lace Skirt $27.80
00126881-02Ann Taylor Poppy Print Tea Length Skirt $119
imageService (4)These skirts are a bit more comfortable than most due to the billowy nature. They also hide thighs (which I often hear women complain about) and that puts them in the “win” category. Comfort and style are key with this skirt and it is always nice when you can have both!

I selected a few choices, but there are MANY out there. Nordstrom has a ridiculous amount as does H&M. Go on the hunt for your own fabulous tea-length dress and let me know how it goes!

Have a great Monday, go drink some tea!


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