Happy Friday, gentlemen! You’ve made it through the week. Granted, it was probably a 4 day work week for most of you, but it’s still a Friday. Today we’re tackling layers: how to do it, why you should, and how NOT to layer.

One of the secrets of style is the ability to layer and create a seamless look from multiple pieces. If you don’t, you end up looking sloppy. Here’s an example of what NOT to do (Sorry Alexi Lalas):


I love the shirt. I appreciate the v-neck underneath. But it was overall a sloppy look. This is why:

1. It should have been a grey v-neck. The white is SUPER bright and too much of a contrast underneath. Also, it’s ok if it shows a bit, but not this much. Ideally you would not see the shirt underneath, but you can still wear one to help with sweat absorption.

2. There is too much of the t-shirt showing. I want to re-adjust the collar SO BADLY.

3. The sleeves. I swear they look like they are cut at this length, which weirds me out a bit.

4. You can’t see it, but it’s untucked and the way he was sitting, it looked frumpy with his jeans (and I’m assuming running shoes- which you know I hate). NO FRUMPY.

Here is a picture of a guy layering well, and let’s face it, John Legend has some style:


Notice he has on nice jeans, the shirt is tucked in, and he’s got the same kind of shoes I’ve been talking about for you. TA-DA!!! Much more polished and lovely. Btw this shirt is called “gingham” in case you were wondering. That’s the pattern, not the type of shirt. This is just a button up cotton shirt with a button down collar.

**DISCLAIMER** I normally rant against button-down collared shirts when it comes to dressing up. (Example, slacks and a tie do NOT look awesome with a button-down collared shirt. I like collar stays and french cuff all the way.) Button-down collars are lovely for casual studliness though, and I like a gingham or madras print. White or light blue would work if it is cotton on a linen blend. If it looks shiny, the fabric is too nice to wear in a casual setting.

In all fairness, I did call out Alexi Lalas on Twitter and his response was amusing:

2014-05-29 18.02.49

In summary, there are tiny things to consider that take an outfit from “meh” to great. Don’t be like Alexi Lalas. 🙂 He gets a pass because of his gingerness THIS TIME. I called out Kyle Martino for an outfit a few months ago and he adjusted accordingly for the next taping. 🙂 I was so proud. See? I don’t just harass the guys I know, I hit up the commentators too. Equal opportunity hating.


2014-05-29 18.12.58

Tiny changes guys, that’s all I’m asking.

Until next Friday, gentlemen!


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