I hope everyone had a great and SAFE 4th of July! Normally Ian and I relax at home at night, but we went out to my great aunt’s house and watched the guys shoot off a ridiculous amount of fireworks. It was fantastic to watch the kids get so excited about fireworks and it reminded me when I used to care that much, lol. All I want these days are snakes (anyone know what I’m talking about??), smoke bombs (I love the smell… I’m weird), sparklers and those snap pop things that pop when you throw them on the ground.

I am completely lame, yes, I know this.

On  to the outfit. Please excuse the pics, they were taken on my phone AND not really in focus.

20140704_203504 2014-07-04-22-54-36_deco 2014-07-04-22-55-54_deco

I went with something pretty basic and COMFORTABLE. Pants are well and good, but when I need comfort, I go straight to the dresses.

Here are some shots of the gorgeousness of my aunt’s home. It’s a good thing that they have a lot of land, because someone brought a mini black powder cannon (Little Smoky) and that thing was LOUD. Here’s the guys inspecting it:


Here’s the fort:


The rest of the beautiful yard:


I would sit out there all day long, but mosquitoes LOVE me and the feeling is not mutual. I can’t stay outside for too long, sadly.  🙁

Regardless of the 8 bug bites, we had an amazing 4th! I hope yours was wonderful too!


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