As the pregnancy continues, I really enjoy a comfortable and cute outfit. This is a new favorite. It’s casual, but still stylish and comfortable. I’m now 26 (almost 27 weeks along) and so things are getting to the point where they either fit, or do NOT fit. It’s amusing. It feels like I get massively larger with each passing day. That is both exciting and quite frankly, uncomfortable.

Oh well, I’m growing a human. Haha, some discomfort is to be expected. On to the outfit!

IMG_6427 IMG_6464 IMG_6472 IMG_6494 IMG_6503


Photos by Jacque, Inc

Top: Liz Lang Maternity
Pants: Paige Denim Maternity
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Tag Heuer
Necklace: Tiffany & Co
Handbag: Kate Spade

This is the perfect outfit to run errands in! I love it and I can’t say enough about how comfortable this is. I  love that the shirt is long (haaaaate short maternity shirts) and the pants are quite stretchy, so they move very easily. (Ergo, I move with ease as well- key when pregnant.)

As always, I hope your pregnancy is treating you well if you’re pregnant too! Rock the bump ladies!



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