I am LOVING this shirt. It’s quite peasant-like, and very flowy and comfortable. I should call this look peasant-chic. 🙂 I paired the top with some maternity boyfriend jeans and some sandals that I adore to complete the look. I don’t love the idea of a pump with such a casual look, especially given the peasant nature of the top. I also didn’t want to weigh the outfit down with a huge handbag, so I grabbed my favorite coral clutch and was off!

(Fizzy hair alert, btw. Humidity is KILLING ME.)

IMG_7075IMG_7079IMG_7118IMG_7129Photos by Jacque, Inc.

Blouse: Old
Jeans: Old Navy Skinny Maternity
Shoes: Banana Republic
Handbag: Target
Jewelry: Michael Kors, Stella & Dot, BCBGeneration, and the bangles were a gift from India

I know I always talk about dressing with purpose. I promise that being more stylish in your every day life isn’t very hard. Just think about what overall look that you’re aiming for and dress accordingly. I wanted a more casual look, so I opted for a beaded necklace instead of a statement/jeweled piece. Also, the boyfriend jeans were a better choice than a pair of skinnies. Although the shirt is delicate, I wanted to mirror the complexity of the sandals with more jewelry than normal. It’s all about carefully choosing what you add to an outfit.

In regards to maternity wear and what is already in your closet: my suggestion is to keep trying on clothes that you have to see if they still fit, and if they do, WEAR THEM! I paired this non-maternity shirt with some maternity jeans and I love the look. Also, perhaps something you had in your closet was ill-fitting before and better suits your baby bump! You never know until you try. If it doesn’t fit, pack it away so that it doesn’t take up closet space.

The easiest way to tell what you have in your wardrobe is to edit, edit, edit. I can build a much more cohesive and classic wardrobe with 20 great items rather than a closet full of trends. Trust me. Maternity or not, it is always better to clean out the closet and start with a fresh slate.

Have a great Wednesday everyone and remember to rock the bump!



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