Continuing with some pre-baby pics, this is the last of the “Maternity” looks until I have another kiddo. This cape is one of my favorite fall pieces. It takes the place of a trench coat and provides a little style to any outfit. Paired with some neutrals and leopard flats and I’m ready to go!

IMG_4721IMG_4739 IMG_4725 IMG_4698
IMG_4742 IMG_4746

Sadly, I purchased this cape last year and they don’t make it any more. 🙁 However, since capes are coming back in style, there are many places online to find them! If you want something warmer, they also make wool capes that take the place of your favorite longer wool coat.

None of the clothes are maternity, I just used a belly band to keep the pants on. 🙂 (I really wanted to wear these jeans, so I made it happen, haha.) The blouse and the pants are J. Crew, while the hat and the flats are from the Gap. There is a similar bag on called the Mirren. This is basically my fall uniform: blouse, jeans, cute flats.


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