He’s here!DixonNB-16BLOGAs some of you may know, I just had my baby! Well, three weeks ago, today. Here’s the rundown:

Name: Alexander James Dixon
He’s not named after anyone specific, we just loved the name.

Size: 7 lbs 11 oz. 21 inches long
The kid was THREE WEEKS EARLY. He was a rather large baby considering, and I’m rather glad that he didn’t stay in there and get any bigger. 7 lbs 11 oz is big enough. He’s tall like Ian, which makes me happy.


Who does he look like? Ian. Hands down. In every way. Eyes, face, body, hands, feet, etc. He has brown hair with a slight hint of red, but that’s it.

Personality: chill.
I’m not kidding. Best baby ever. Sleeps until we wake him up, only fusses when he’s mad (i.e. he’s hungry or being changed).


I am in love with being a mom. This is basically the best thing ever. Both Ian and I have never been happier. We are beyond blessed and thrilled with this little guy.

Much love to my photographer Jacque. All of those photos turned out AMAZING!! She completely captured his little personality and I am so excited we have these.

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