Happy Monday everyone! Guess what? I have lost my mind. Ok, I haven’t, but I’m about to do something insanely crazy. I’m about to list my entire closet on Poshmark and see what happens. Never heard of Poshmark? Check out this link for an explanation.

Why have I lost my mind, you may ask? Well, last week I complained a bit about my new body and how tops don’t fit me. That got me thinking… since I’m not in an office on a daily basis, I don’t need an ENTIRE walk-in closet dedicated to work clothes. Honestly, I am trying to edit everything in my life down. So here is my plan: pick out what will work NOW with my current lifestyle, and sell/donate everything else. I have three walk-in closets (well, 2.5 as I share the master with Ian) filled with clothes and shoes and accessories. I wear maybe a third of it. Yes, I do love having the perfect item for that one time that I’ll need it, but let’s face it. I’m a mom now and I have got to learn to let stuff go. If I won’t let AJD (my baby) hoard toys, I probably should set a good example and not hoard clothes.

Questions I’m sure you have:

1. What about all of your shoes? Oh the HUMANITY!!! 
I am going to get rid of all of the ones that I don’t wear but once a year. I will keep the Louboutins, because, well… they’re Louboutins. Let’s be honest, do I really need a pair of hot pink pumps? Probably not.

2. Are you going to list your Poshmark closet on here?
I am leaning towards no. I haven’t ruled it out, but I don’t really want to use the blog to sell my clothes. Poshmark is basically like an online consignment shop. I COULD just donate all of them, and seriously considered that, but figured my husband would MURDER me if I did that. If I want to continue to shop, I should probably not just donate a small wardrobe (half of which is basically brand new) after he’s been lecturing me for 7 years about how I don’t “need” this many clothes.

3. What prompted this?
I purchased a fair amount of clothes in the past 2 weeks and realized that I don’t wear most of what I have in my closets. There’s really no need to keep stuff around for a style “rainy day” because, let’s face it, I’ll just go buy what I need if that situation arises. Then I thought about how I’m becoming a clothes hoarder and how for the next year (or as long as I keep nursing) my body will NOT fit in the clothes I have. Time to edit. I worked in a business professional office for years, and I do not need an entire Olivia Pope wardrobe. Some pieces, yes. An entire closet? No. I’m sure my designer dresses would look really awesome with baby spit up on them… oh, wait. No.

4. Are you sure about this?
Absolutely. When I make a decision to do something, I do it. I’m very determined like that. 😉 Side note (wait for it, this is a huge revelation): they are just clothes. At the end of the day, I have bigger priorities. Now, if Ian (I know you’re reading this sweetie) brings this up in conversation, I will deny, deny, deny and say that I am delirious due to the lack of sleep. 🙂

So that’s my huge revelation. Do you guys think it’s because of the baby? Is this normal to make large life adjustments once you have a tiny human? Am I crazy? Thoughts?

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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