In honor of Guy Friday, I thought I would talk about how my little guy showed up! I had a few people ask about my birth story, so I will throw this out there. It’s not super gross or anything, so don’t worry. 🙂 It’s kinda long, so I apologize in advance.

If you followed the blog during the pregnancy you will know mine was ROUGH. I was sick the entire 9 months. I thankfully didn’t have any swelling, but the rest of the pregnancy issues were present and annoying. Hot flashes, light headedness, throwing up, sensitivity to scents, etc. Blah. To add insult to injury I had some issues and had to see several specialists- a high risk OB (on top of my normal OB) and an Oncologist. It was good because the baby was monitored ALL THE TIME, but bad because I had to get blood drawn at least twice a month. Not only that, when they did draw blood it was anywhere from 4-8 vials taken each time. Have I mentioned I have a HUGE fear of needles? (This comes in to play later in the story.) So that sets the stage for you. Lots of needles, and lots of sonograms to check on the baby.

In addition to my medical issues that were new, I had the OLD issue of high blood pressure. It’s a family thing and I have been on meds for years. Nothing makes you feel old like BP meds at the ripe old age of 25. Good times. If I didn’t take them, and exercised and ate right, it would still be 130 over 110.

Now you have all of the background needed for the story.

Set the stage: 4 weeks before my due date. My reg OB was planning on inducing a week before my due date because she was already worried about my BP. I go in for a check up and my BP was super high. Also, I was already 4cm dilated. She promptly sent me to the hospital to get the baby hooked up to a monitor to make sure he was ok and check me out. After a few hours, my BP dropped and I was good to go. At this point, Ian put my hospital bag in my car. Just in case.

3 weeks before my due date. I went to my oncologist (located in the Cancer Center) and thus was preparing for my blood work and general stress related to that building. I had my 5 vials drawn and I went upstairs for my chat with my doc. My BP was 150 over 130. Haha, white coat syndrome. It was always high there, but after I called Ian and said “I should probably stop by the OB’s office and get it re-checked. That was awfully high.” I drove over there and sure enough, my doc sent me BACK to the hospital to get admitted again and monitored.

Well, 3 hours in, my BP was NOT going down. At 5:05 my OB rolled in and said, “well, it’s not going down. So it looks like we’re going to have a baby tonight.” Alrighty then. I was already 5 cm dilated so I guess the little guy was ready to go. I got the potosin at 8pm, had my water broken AFTER I got the epidural, and pushed for 30 min then had the baby at 12:29am.

Here’s the amusing thing. Well, there are several. First of all, I had the BEST TEAM EVER. So I was cracking jokes literally until they told me to start pushing. Even pushing I was still being funny. The nurses thought I was hilarious, if only because I was in such a great mood. Ask Ian, I was a champ.

The bad part was my pesky BP was jumping up and down like CRAZY. We’re talking 170 over 150 and then dropped to 90 0ver 50. Then straight back up to really high again. The cool thing is that I know my body so well, I would tell the doctors and nurses when my BP was about to drop and sure enough, after I said that the machines would beep and show it plummeting down. My OB said she’d never seen anything like that before. I’m special. 🙂 That’s also code for “huge complications risk.” Once she came in at 9, she didn’t leave until I had that baby a few hours later. Good thing I LOVE my doctor and we sat there cracking jokes and telling stories until the baby was ready to come.

So up until this point, the only pain I had was when they gave my my IV’s. Yes. Plural. One for the regular stuff like drugs and saline and one for my Magnesium Sulfate for my BP. That stuff sucks. It makes you feel like you have the flu. Not kidding. And you have to keep that IV in for 24 hours and it’s a long complicated process. That sucked. Everything else was marvelous, but that part was total crap and I hated it.

So other than that extra IV and the drugs that wiped me out, it was smooth sailing. They did have to use the suction thing on the baby’s head to pull him out, but that was because they did such a great job with my epidural (I wanted NO pain), that I couldn’t tell how hard I was pushing. Haha, I was trying, but not going fast enough. Regardless, you know how it ended. I got a BEAUTIFUL and healthy baby boy rolling in at 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 inches long. Keep in mind he was 3 WEEKS EARLY. I shudder to think how big he would have been if he had gone full term. Yikes.

So, can we discuss how odd it is that they hand you a BABY?!?! Why helllllloooooooo tiny person that’s been kicking me to death for months! Nice to meet you. What’s up tiny human that I grew? So weird. Awesome, but weird. Am I right?

So that’s my story. Non complicated birth to balance out my terrible pregnancy. 🙂 God knew I couldn’t handle a bad birth, lol.

Anything weird happen with your birth story? Tell me in the comments. They crack me up. (Nothing gross please!)


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