Happy New Year! I trust the holidays were lovely for you and your families. Now that 2015 has rolled around, it is time to make a resolution to look better in 2015. The easiest way to do that, not kidding, is to clean out your closet. Top reasons why this is beneficial:

1. De-cluttering your life is never a bad thing
2. More room for new clothes
3. You can actually SEE what you have and thus see what you need to buy or see how to put together existing outfits
4. Donating clothes to those who need them

There are really quite a few more reasons to do this, but whatever reason you have, now is the time to do it. If your closet seems overwhelming, try tackling it in stages. First, think about your week and what percentage you spend in certain types of clothing. Example: 40 hours a week is business professional, 5 is in workout gear, and the rest is casual. Your wardrobe should reflect that ratio. If you are like me and used to have an office job, but no longer need a lot of professional clothes, edit down the closet to reflect how you live now. Clutter just makes it harder to find what you need, and honestly just makes getting dressed that much more complicated. Don’t hold on to clothes that you won’t wear for at least a year. Just because you might go back to work in a few years does not mean hold on to your entire wardrobe. Work with what you have. Save a few basics, but get rid of the rest. My biggest rule of closet cleaning (and life) is:

Don’t Dwell On The Past. 

Seriously. Just because it was in style 2, 3, 8, 15 years ago does NOT MEAN it should be worn again. Vintage is, well, vintage. Don’t be a clothes hoarder, people. Also, if it doesn’t fit, ditch it. So you gained/lost some weight and still love your entire old wardrobe… that is sad news because those clothes are taking up valuable space for clothes that ACTUALLY fit you right now. Also, brands don’t mean anything. Love that Prada skirt from 1995 that looks like it was from… well, 1995? Get rid of it. Just because it’s a nice brand, doesn’t mean it’s worth holding on to. Money doesn’t equate style, and just because you paid a lot for something or it has a fancy name on the tag doesn’t magically make it stylish. Tough lessons people. 🙂

Today we’re going through Stage One. Tackle this and we’ll move to stage two later next week.

Stage One: Casual Clothes
I consider this to be jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, etc. Truth be told, you don’t need more than 4 pairs of jeans. I have paired mine down to 6 and honestly, I find myself gravitating towards the same 3-4 pairs every time. Yes, I could find a reason to wear ALL of my jeans if I tried hard enough, but let’s face it, you only really need 4 if you don’t wear jeans to work.

T-shirts are another beast I battle with clients. See that ratio I talked about above? Stick to that. Just because you CAN workout in a shirt, doesn’t mean you HAVE to keep it just in case. Here’s the rule: if you have more than 20 t-shirts, you can keep one for every 2 you give away. I keep 5 cute basic t’s for layering, I have several sports related shirts for gameday, and a few that are just casual that I wear around the house. T-shirts don’t make the cut if:

-They’re boxy (too short, wide, or the shoulders don’t fit properly)
-They shrank or are too small (no one wants to see that. Loose/draped fitting is popular, roll with it.)
-Stains or are a weird color (being faded counts here)
-Neck stretch
-Writing on them. It is not cool to wear a shirt advertising a brand. In fact, it actually does the opposite. Besides, with the exception of sports related gear, adults shouldn’t wear t-shirts with writing on them. (Free pass for Star Wars shirts. I’m just saying.) Funny pun intended shirts should be left to those in college.

Sweaters are my own personal vice. I have way too many. Look to see if you have several in one color and get rid of a few. I have a ton in black, grey and ivory, so I assessed which were similar to others and donated those. It’s hard to part with things you love, I know, but you will be better off in the long run.

This Clean Out Your Closet series will also cover:
-Work clothes, Business Professional
-Gym Clothes
-Shoes (yep, they need some help too)

If you have something you specifically have questions about, leave me a comment and I will address it in a post for you! I’m here to help! Feel free to Tweet me, send me a FB message or email me via the contact page and I will be happy to help!


Side note: I came across this picture of a closet. Swoon.

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