Happy Friday Gentlemen! Today I’m going to take you through a three small ways to add more style to your wardrobe. You can do one or you can implement all, but each provides a bit of style on its own.

The Scarf

No, I’m not talking about a sports related scarf. I’m talking about a man scarf. It’s perfect and it keeps you warm. In France, they rarely wear coats unless it’s freezing. Instead, they throw on a scarf. It looks amazing and it surprisingly keeps you toasty warm. Stick to a dark basic color: black, navy or grey and pick something warm and soft. Cashmere is fantastic, but honestly, even a nice fleece scarf will work just fine. If you REALLY want to be crazy, pick a bright color. Regardless, get a scarf.

Ankle Boots

Ahhhh, another favorite. This is the step up from the dress shoe or even the casual leather shoe. The trick is to find something similar to a current shoe you already rotate within your wardrobe. Many retailers like Zappos, Nordstrom, DSW, heck even Kohl’s all have a section online devoted to men’s ankle boots. I know this is a bit of a reach for some of you, but trust me, these add major style. (And they’re warm.)

Crazy Socks

Yep. I said it. As my Dad put it last week, socks are the best way to be unique and rebel against the establishment while still looking professional. Ok, I’m paraphrasing- he was talking to Ian and I overhead it and laughed. Regardless, Dad has a point. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again, you need to have a strong sock game. And before you say that you don’t want to spend a ton of money on socks, let me direct you to my friend Jason’s sock website: Sock 101. He’s a KC guy with some great socks. (Side note, he has no idea I’m writing this, so he didn’t ask me to say anything. I just happen to love the socks.)

See? Not difficult. Baby steps guys. It’s all about the baby steps.

Until next week, gents. Cheers!


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