It’s finally here! The third and last installment of my “Clean Out Your Closet” series. Today we’re tackling workout clothes, shoes, and accessories. That’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Workout Clothes

Per my usual recommendation, think about how much you ACTUALLY work out and then pare down your wardrobe. Exercise 5 days a week? You can have 7-10 workout outfits. That is any combination of pants/shorts and tops. If you have super stained, gross clothing, do everyone a favor and toss it. If it looks dirty even when it’s clean- that is a sign it needs to go. Same with holes and stretch marks. Side note: workout clothes are NOT “running errands” clothes. I own workout leggings. I wear those to the gym and that’s it. Not Target. If you need new workout gear, Target, Kohl’s, Marshalls and TJ Maxx have a ton of items to choose from for super cheap.


If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it. Every year you should get at least one new bra and some underwear. You should only keep the bras that still fit and have retained their shape. If it has an underwire that stabs you, throw it out. Weird crease lines in the cups? Toss it. Sides or straps that are stretched out? You know where I’m going with this- get rid of them. You should have 5-10 bras that actually fit like they’re supposed to.


This one is tough.

Start with jewelry. You should have a few basic pairs of studs that you can wear with almost everything. At least one dangly pair (if you wear those) and a few statement or colorful pieces. If you haven’t worn them in a year, chances are you won’t in the future. If you’re hesitant to get rid of them, throw some in a box and stick it in the back of your closet or under your bed. If you don’t use them in 2015, this time next year, get rid of them. The same goes for watches, necklaces and rings. Bright and colorful or statement pieces are often specific to a trend. So if you have an old J. Crew bubble necklace, those aren’t in style any longer, so you can donate those. Old statement necklaces that you used to love, but haven’t worn in a while? Donate.

Scarves. You only need 5-7 if you actually wear them. If not, a few good basic scarves will serve you well. You don’t need 30 of those sitting around in your closet. Look at each one, if you would still pay full price for them if you saw it in the store, keep it. Also, you should be able to look at a scarf and mentally come up with 3 outfits you could wear it with. If not, donate.


Sigh. This is the hardest. You guys know I love my shoes. I’ll use my own personal story as an example. I used to work in the business world where I wore a suit almost daily. I now stay home and do consulting work. I wear a suit maybe once or twice a year. I no longer need 15 pairs of work heels. I kept a few black heels, one pair of nude pumps and got rid of everything else. I live in flats these days unless I have a work event or a date with my husband. So I got rid of ALL of my work heels but a few, and kept the flats that I actually wear with the baby. Truth be told, I wear my black J. Crew ballet flats almost daily. They’re cute, comfortable and easy to throw on. Plus, they’re leather, so they are pretty durable and don’t get dirty. Think about what you wear daily. Get rid of everything else. You can keep 2 pairs of fancy shoes to wear for those events that come around a few times of the year, but only 2. Flip-flops: you only need 3 pairs. Old Navy flip-flops in every color are NOT ok. Pick 3 pairs and toss the rest. Also, if you’ve worn them so much that there is a permanent dark stain on the bottom from your feet, toss them. That’s gross. Shoes seem to collect more than anything else in my closet. I got rid of almost every pair from Target (they weren’t comfortable) and other bargain shoes. If I don’t wear them, they get tossed. Also, look to see which ones are scuffed beyond repair, or are showing signs of serious wear- like pulling away from the sole, huge crease marks on the toes, ripped leather, etc. Also, you only need a couple of pairs of workout shoes. Seriously. I keep one pair for gross yard work, but every old pair that I don’t wear gets thrown out.

I could go on for ages about the topics listed above, but I’ll just say this: if you have a specific question or need clarity regarding anything I’ve talked about, just comment below or on FB and I will be sure to answer you.

Good luck everyone! Clean out those closets and make room to actually SEE what you have to wear! It’s more fun than you’d think, I promise! 🙂


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