4 month drool - Version 2I have had a lot of requests for an Alexander or “AJD” post, so here you go!

He will be 5 months on the 23rd, so next week I will have a tiny guy that is 5 months old. I should mention that I use the word tiny loosely. He’s huge. He’s almost 20lbs, which is crazy.

He loves to laugh and cracks up when you laugh. He wakes up happy, which has officially made me a morning person. It’s basically impossible to NOT wake up happy when you have this little guy grinning at you.

He is a momma’s boy (YES!!!!!!) but loves his daddy. He also knows a few family members, and lights up when they come over. He will let anyone hold him, which is awesome.image3

He likes reading books, but is more entertained with his play seat thing.

He can push all of the buttons and it was hilarious watching him figure out how to do that. It took a day and then he was a crazy guy, pushing them over and over again. Ian and I were sitting there cracking up because you could just see the look on his face- so intense, it was a riot!

I don’t care how cranky he is, if I sing to him, he will calm down and relax. He loves the “ABC” song, but I will hum classical music (mainly Vivaldi and Mozart at this point- a bit of Hayden) and he loves that too. I throw in a TON of Disney (heavy on the Little Mermaid for obvious reasons) and he appreciates my dance moves that accompany all singing.

He loves being out in public and is SUCH a people watcher. Even at home, I can prop him up and he’ll watch the dogs play forever. If he is engaged visually, he’ll sit still forever soaking everything in. This is quite handy. 🙂

He still eats a TON and our pediatrician said we could try foods at 4 months, but if he didn’t like it, not to worry. Well… it’s AJD and food, so of COURSE he loved it. We’ve tried apples, bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, squash and green beans and the kid loved ALL of it. We have to shovel it in as fast as possible as he grunts if he’s not getting fed fast enough. It’s pretty comical, really. Ian and I are already planning in on cashing in our 401k’s in order to feed him as a teenager. 😉 This kid LOVES to eat.image2

He loves to stand with assistance and is the master at baby squats. Those fat thighs are going to be thighs of steel one of these days.

He loves bath time and since I get in the big soaker tub with him, I’m teaching him how to float, kick, etc- so he knows how to swim early on. Not gonna lie, all of that fat makes that kid a fantastic floater. 🙂 Going to put him in a pool in the next few weeks so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Everyone was right, the 4 month mark was HORRIBLE for sleep, but I’m happy to report after 3 nights, he’s out of our room, in his crib, and sleeping through the night. We still swaddle him because we tried without and that didn’t go well. He’s no where close to being able to roll over, which our Doc said was normal due to how chubby he is. Oh yeah, he still HATES tummy time. Oh well, it is what it is. No one is worried. Also, I bit the bullet and learned to let him cry it out, so the kiddo self soothes and puts himself to sleep (or back to sleep if he has a nightmare) which is great. He sleeps from 9:30pm to 6:30am straight, and naps every 2 hours or so during the day. Rough life, huh?image1

The only complaint I have is that he’s in 9 month clothing already. Not kidding. Normally kids stay in a size of clothing 2-3 months. Mine goes through a size a month. I have swapped out his closet/drawers 4 times already. It’s weird, I see other babies AJD’s size and they have SO much more control over their extremities and I have to remind myself that because they’re a year old. Lol. Such a huge kid.

Being a mom is the BEST. THING. EVER.

The end. 🙂


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