Complexion rescueI don’t know about you, but my skin gets SUPER dry in the winter. Like, insanely dry. It’s oily and ridiculous in the summer and dry as the Sahara in the winter. Good times. This means I have to mix up my skin care routine AND my makeup. After heading to Ulta to look for some concealer, I saw the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue displayed up at the front (as it was just released) and thought I would try it on.


Let me first preface that Bare Minerals is usually too dark for me. Even the lightest shade leaves a demarkation line at my chin that I have to blend like a crazy person to get rid of. But, the benefits it touted were just too good to pass up:

  • Powerful hydration: marine botanicals to help replenish thirsty skin
  • Dewy sheer-to-medium coverage for a radiant, soft, smooth finish
  • Non-chemical, mineral-based broad spectrum SPF 30

Sign me up. It’s a gel cream and here are the words that appealed to me: hydration, dewy and SPF. My skin was already on a terrible rampage of drying and we were about to leave for Colorado the next day. I used to live out there and Colorado in the winter is BRUTAL on my skin. It always has been. Since Ulta lets you bring something back if it doesn’t work, I thought I would try it in the most extreme conditions and see how it went.

Did I mention it’s magic? The verdict is that I love this foundation. LOVE. It’s hydrating, and doesn’t feel like I have a ton of makeup caked on my face. It covers any redness and evens out my skin tone, while still showing my freckles. Since it is basically a tinted moisturizer on crack, it hydrates and gives more cover than a normal tinted moisturizer. I apply it with clean fingertips and it takes like 10 seconds. Throw on a bit of concealer and BAM- I have a new face! This is super simple and looks really natural. I look a bit less “mom” and a look like I get 8 hours of well rested sleep every night and drink tons of water. Ha! 😉

I will say that knowing my skin as well as I do, I will have to find something else to wear this summer, only because my face gets so oily. However, the rest of the year, I am ALL OVER THIS.

Two thumbs way up. I highly suggest you try this stuff. It is, hands down, the best option for someone who wants medium coverage. (It’s also buildable. If you want a bit more coverage in areas, apply more.)

What are you waiting for? Go to Sephora or Ulta and try this stuff!


My shade is (what else) Opal, #1.

5ca686da8416d2a8afd6f12ae0faa678Photo Cred: With Love From Kat


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