So my birthday is less than a month away (April 13th), and family and friends have started asking what I want. I hadn’t given it much thought until right now, but here are the things currently on my wishlist:


1. Kate Spade Lily Avenue- Carrigan Dying. I mean how CUTE IS THIS BAG?
2. Vince Camuto Totsi Peeptoe Wedge Such a great, basic Spring/Summer staple!
3. Color Pop Lippie Stix in “Brunch” and “Chi Chi” (only $5 each!!!)
4. Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow in “Grandstand” I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about these $10 eyeshadows.
5. Canon N2 Camera New vlogging camera. I need to up my game, people.
6. Kate Spade glitter studs So girlie and fun!
7. Corilynn “Classic Dress”  Obsessed with Corilynn and LOVE this dress!!

Sidenote, I rock a birthday “month.” Ask my family, April is sort of mine. I for SURE milk the whole birthday week thing, but I try to push it to an entire month, because… well, I’m the baby of my family and I’m just a brat like that. Haha. 🙂 Kidding, I only do it as a joke with Ian and he rolls his eyes at me. It just basically means I pick where we go out to eat for a month. I never pick somewhere he won’t eat at, so it’s not like it’s a drastic change.

Birthdays are a HUGE deal in my family and I love that. I make a big deal out of everyone else’s birthdays as well. I think it’s lovely to make an entire day about someone and make them feel special. Other holidays you share, and even your anniversary is about the two of you- a birthday is special to you. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS.

I mean… white cake. AM I RIGHT??!

What’s your favorite part about your birthday? (Mine is the cake.)


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