may-day-basket-1-2008Happy May Day everyone! This is one of those random holidays that I celebrated growing up and I still love it as an adult. Every year we would make cute little May Day baskets and fill them with candy and flowers, then we’d head over to neighbor’s homes, hang them on the door, knock, and run off! maydaycan41

I did this all the way up through high school with one of our favorite teachers Mrs. Hurt. I heard a few years ago that she was still telling students about my family and our awesome May Day tradition. For the record, she was the only teacher that actually GOT a basket, but that’s because she was amazing.

Ahhhhhhh, memories.

This brings me to the current situation in my life. I am TOTALLY going to get AJD into May Day baskets (because they’re awesome) but he’s a bit young to ring a doorbell and hide. Just a bit. 😉 So I’m going to enlist the help of my three nephews who are here this weekend with my sister and her husband. Why are they here, you ask?


I AM SO EXCITED. You guys have no idea. Seriously. My sister is the yin to my sisterly yang. She’s 5 years older and basically my favorite person in the world after Ian. Well, AJD, but duh…

We lived in the same city when I went to school in Texas, and then we both moved to Colorado at the same time and it was FANTASTIC. We are insanely close and everyone tells us we act identical. Those close to us vehemently disagree with that, but I supposed compared to the REST of the world, we’re quite similar. We even have this weird sisterly ESP thing where we would randomly pick up the phone and call each other at the exact same time. I’d hang up (because it was a busy signal, and I knew she had call waiting), wait a few seconds and call her back. She’d answer “were you just trying to call me? I was trying to call you!!” All. The. Time. It’s weird I tell you. The universe was just telling us we needed to talk at that exact moment. This never happens unless we’re living in the same city.

I’m ready to have my partner in crime back. No one understands your own crazy family like siblings and I’ve been trying to get her to move back for over a decade. FINALLY!!!!! Ask Ian, I have been downright giddy for a month. I miss her and her family. So excited to get her, her boys, husband and dogs back. AJD needs his cousins and I need my sister! (Also, Ian needs some more guy support. Lol. She and I are a lot to handle. Ha!)

So back to May Day. Today we’re going to do some knocking and running. Why? Because this is what we DO in my family. Happy May Day everyone.


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