So it’s Friday and I did it. Barely. unnamedIMG_4759Top: Target
Jacket: Gap
Jeans: Paige Denim
Boots: Hunter

If you followed along with me this week, I challenged myself to put on actual clothes and makeup every day. Now, I AM a mom, so the term “clothes” equates to jeans or real pants (leggings and sweats don’t count). Also, I didn’t go crazy on the makeup either. The only time I looked deeply fabulous was for Wednesday’s post. Otherwise I kept it simple. (I have had several requests for a makeup tutorial for the makeup I did yesterday. That will be coming soon.)

Haha sooooo one day I didn’t even shower until 8pm, but I still got ready after. A challenge is a challenge. I refused to give up.

All in all, I do feel better. Making myself put in the effort to actually look decent really did make a difference. I was more apt to run errands, and just in general I felt happier about life. I cleaned more and cooked some, so it was a productive week.

Well… until last night, and then this happened. Hey, we all backslide sometimes. 😉 IMG_4758

Regardless, I had a great week and I highly suggest trying this yourself if you feel like you’re in a funk- mom related or otherwise.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend and I will see you fabulous folks on Monday!


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