Ok, so it’s come to this. I’ve had so many people say “if you ever want to sell that… [insert specific item] let me know!” that I started a Poshmark closet. The issue with Postmark is that 1. it charges 20% and I don’t like raising my prices because that’s stupid, and 2. people there are… less than smart. I’m not saying EVERYONE on Postmark is that way, but I’ve had an interesting time with people asking questions that have ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED like 5 times and that annoys me. If you know me at all, I have a severe pet peeve of laziness. If you want to buy a product, wouldn’t you read the description first?? Ugh. I have a baby. I don’t have time to coddle people into being adults. (Rant over.)

So I’m not about to make people that read my blog pay that much for things. A 20% mark up on a $100+ bag gets expensive.

I have friends that do this via instagram and I may end up going that route, but I have a few handbags that are taking up room that I never use so I thought I would throw them on here.

How it works: 

The first person the email me at styleassisted@gmail.com with their paypal account info gets it. Prices aren’t particularly negotiable because I like the ability to still use them, so they still have some value to me. Make sense? Price highish = I’m willing to part with it, but not for too much less than I paid for it. They’re all still  insanely cheap compared to new and I keep my handbags in pristine condition. (I’m a bit OCD if we’re being honest.)

Basically I have a baby and I’m officially a stay at home mom now, so I don’t need a cagillion handbags. And people keep asking, haha so here you go!

Shipping is free, btw!

Email me styleassisted@gmail.com with your paypal email/account info and I will ship the same day payment has cleared. Or if you live nearby I’ll bring it to you, haha.

Kate Spade Medium Maria New With Tags $200 (New $428)


Kate Spade Tote in Dune SOLD
Kate Spade Doctor Cross Body Bag SOLD

Happy shopping everyone! Oh and if you see anything on my Postmark closet that you want, just take 20% off of the price and send me and email and it’s yours!




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