2015-05-17 22.54.21 I can sum up my entire May Birchbox with one blanket phrase: Waaah-waaaaaaaaa!

I know, I know, I can’t expect complete fabulousness each and every month for only $10, but I was less than thrilled with the box this month. Perhaps why I am just NOW getting around to posting about it. This box was a collaboration with the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, so I actually expected more. MUCH more. Such a letdown. Le sigh.

2015-05-17 22.55.07My disclaimer is this- I don’t like a huge amount of face products. My skin is CRAZY sensitive and I refuse to upset that balance for the sake of trying new things. One bad product and my skin will be rioting for a month. I kid you not. So, needless to say, it’s June 12th and I haven’t used my box at ALL in the past month. On to the contents!

These wipes look lovely. Also, I adore the fact that they are individually packaged which is perfect for a gym bag, purse, or to take on long flights. I think that EVERY brand that makes face wipes should offer this packaging. Am I right?

2015-05-17 22.55.55

Foot cream. I will actually use this, but foot cream always cracks me up. Hello, I don’t have TIME to have a separate foot cream from the rest of my body lotion. Half the time I forget to moisturize after a shower anyway! Use a separate product for my feet? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Also, a full size version of this is $18. Hahahahaha. No. 2015-05-17 22.56.46

This Dr. Jart BB Night cream is seriously tempting me, but as I mentioned above, I’m a gigantic scardy cat when it comes to products and my skin. I’m fragile people.2015-05-17 22.56.13

ANOTHER hair protectant. What a surprise. ::yawns:: This one is gluten free and vegan. Wait, am I talking about food or a hair product?? Seriously? Ok, I’ll roll with it. I haven’t had time to mix this into my hair rotation, mainly because I forgot about it. Also, if I take the time to wash, dry AND style my insanely long and naturally curly hair, I want a product that I know won’t irk me. Over oily? UGH. Sticky texture? NO!! I’ll let you know if it’s magically the best product ever. I haven’t even smelled it yet.

Hold on.

Oh wow guys, it smells great. It actually reminds me of the cologne (I think) by Thierry Mugler that smelled like fresh grass. I don’t even know what I’m talking about, but I like this. 🙂 Although that would  mean my hair would smell like a dude… hmmmm. Not awesome.2015-05-17 22.56.29

Last up, some mini eyeshadows. Meh.

2015-05-17 22.57.54

I don’t hate this box, but I don’t love it.

Next month’s box should be here any day, and I already got a sneak peek at it and I’m EXCITED!!!! Way to rally Birchbox. Way to rally.



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