2015-06-21 06.41.15Birchbox is back in my good graces! Earlier this month, I posted my Birchbox from May and discussed how unimpressed I was with the contents. It was “meh” at best. They must’ve heard my dissatisfaction and came up with this special box for me, because this month it’s FANTASTIC.

Keep in mind this box is only $10 a month.

2015-06-21 06.43.04First up is this shampoo and conditioner duo. It smells fantastic and has gotten great reviews online. I’m pretty excited about it. I will always be down to try new shampoo and conditioners.

2015-06-21 06.42.51Next up is this amazing hair tie. Now, I know… a hair tie? But trust me, it has the right balance of stretch and holds all of my massive hair comfortably without pulling or pinching. I WILL be purchasing more of these. Absolutely fantastic. Game changer.

2015-06-21 06.44.02Sunscreen, aka my best friend. This stuff smells divine and blends wonderfully. Coola is such a fantastic brand and I threw this little guy into my purse so I have it juuuuuust in case.

2015-06-21 06.44.17This cute turquoise eyeliner it the perfect addition to my summer makeup. Add a little bit of it on the outside corners and underneath the eye after applying normal eyeliner for a bit of a summery look.

2015-06-21 06.43.35I saved the best for last. These eye masks are AMAZING. You put them in the fridge 5 min before you put them on and they depuff AND get rid of wrinkles/firm your under-eye area. Granted, it only lasts a day, so these are the types of things you do before a photoshoot, wedding, major event, etc. They provide a lovely at-home spa experience.

This is my favorite Birchbox thus far! All of this for $10!!! So excited about all it. Well done Birchbox, well done.

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