My Favorite Long Lasting Eyeliners

So I have a bone to pick with eyeliner. It doesn’t stay put. Ever. I’ve tried liquid, gel, pencil, waterproof, etc. Here’s my main list of complaints:

  • fading
  • melting/moving
  • stings (Yep, certain liquid eyeliners. Trust me.)
  • Won’t come off when I need it to (waterproof)

Over the years I have tried almost every single eyeliner on the market under $30. There are some more expensive than that, but let’s be honest, spending that is a bit ludicrous unless you need it for work (ex: as a theater, dance, etc). It’s especially idiotic since my favorite eyeliner is from the drugstore. 🙂 (I’m not doing any waterproof eyeliners because they are harder to remove and that’s the last thing I need before bed.)

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Best bang for your buck (and my favorite of all listed below):

300Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil $6
This stuff goes on and STAYS PUT. Disclaimer, if you like to smudge your eyeliner, do it FAST because this stuff sets quickly. I also enjoy the twist up pencil so I don’t have to sharpen it. 🙂

Best Gel:

a9ec0bc7da4b457687ba8a067d773836Bobbi Brown Longer Gel Eyeliner $25
The price is SUPER steep (eeeeeek!) but I love a gel eyeliner. I find it easier to work with than a liquid but super blendable for a smokey eye. It’s an investment, but trust me, it’s worth it. I’ve tried all of the other high end gel brands and drugstore dupes, and this is the best. Highly pigmented and doesn’t fade. It also has a TON of shades, which is lovely.

Best Liquid:

1f0a1aa2250a3f82e8496673ab01d224Sephora Long Lasting 12 Wear Hour Eyeliner $12
Beautiful color payoff and it stays that way all day long. Super slim tip, so it’s easy to get the detail you want.

Best Pencil:

MAC-Pro-longwear-8243MAC ProLongwear Eye Liner $20
This stuff needs sharpening, but makeup artists love it for its staying power. If you like a tradition pencil eyeliner, this is your best best.

Random Tips:

  • Don’t moisturize your eyelids, it will make your makeup crease and fade.
  • Use an eyelid primer. It makes a HUGE difference. My favorite is Urban Decay but Elf makes one that’s insanely cheap. I use that on a normal day, saving the Urban Decay for events.
  • For other “stay put” makeup tips, check out my video and post here.

Honorable mention: Benefit’s push up gel liner. It’s this weird hybrid eyeliner. I love it, but you have to have a SUPER steady hand and due to the quirky nature of the pen and gel delivery system, most people get frustrated with it. It’s great, but it’s not my favorite.

Do you have a favorite long lasting eyeliner? Let me know in the comments!


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