Life with a baby keeps you on your toes. It’s a lovely ride, but my goodness, you have to learn to adapt. AJD has allergies. We have dogs. AJD is not allergic to our dogs (thank goodness), but I have never been more vigil about the cleanliness of our home until now.

Enter new flooring.

Between our dogs and family dogs, we’ve had five dogs on this carpet. We built the house when we got married 6 years ago, so we’re the only people that have used this carpet, but five dogs is a LOT.

Now we only have two, but man alive, labs shed a ton. We even have a furminator to help with the shedding, but there is still hair everywhere and it freaks me out since the baby is on the floor constantly and if he moves around he looks like a dust mop covered in hair. Ew. Even daily vacuuming wasn’t solving this issue. The carpet never felt clean.

So we went and picked out new floors. We chose a sturdy laminate because with kids and dogs, most wood scratches and that would just irk me. They look exactly like the wood ones we would’ve picked had we not had a kid and dogs. Normally I’m a solid wood floor kind of person, but I’ve refinished floors (thanks mom and dad) a few times in my life and I wasn’t too keen to do that again. Granted we could’ve done a harder wood, but honestly these things click into place, look fantastic and are less of an investment financially than wood. That’s a win all around.

If you follow me on Instagram (you should!) you will see the pic of AJD’s room finished and it looks fantastic!

We ripped up almost the ENTIRE first floor and replaced flooring in the nursery, hallway, office, living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry and mudroom/laundry. That is a LOT of flooring guys. For the past week our lives has revolved around these floors. We’re almost finished, but once that’s done we still have to put all of the baseboards back and then bring allllllllllllllll of the furniture back up from downstairs.

Side note: cramming basically the entire top floor of furniture into the basement is the worst. I can’t find anything and my basement is so full I feel like I live in a hoarder house. Ok, so it’s not THAT bad, but I don’t like so much stuff in one space. I am all about minimalism when it comes to decoration.

So if I’m a bit silent this week (and last) this is why. Trying to get these floors replaced.

I will (hopefully) be back to my regular posting schedule soon. These things are just taking forever!

Have you done a DIY that felt like it dragged on too long?


PS. Huge shoutout to our families for helping lay flooring and for watching AJD so I can help Ian. We couldn’t do this without them.

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