Between the years of beauty blogging, styling clients and modeling I have picked up some random helpful tips and tricks (life hacks) that come together to help my beauty routine. I’m all about freedom of information, so I thought I would share them with you, a few snippets at a time. Some may be well known, others, not so much. Hopefully you glean something helpful!

1. If you feel like you get a double chin when you smile, press your tongue (the middle part) firmly against the roof of your mouth and it will diminish the look of your double chin and make your jaw more pronounced. Go look in the mirror when you try this. No, it’s not life changing, but it helps a bit. (It’s a secret… shhhhhh! 😉 )

2. If you squint in pictures, close your eyes during the countdown (3…2…) and open them and smile naturally at “1.” Holding a smile usually ends up looking fake, and your eyes need a second to adjust before they squint. This trick helps achieve a natural smile with your eyes open. This helps me especially if I’m outside in bright sun. I am the queen of the squinty eye picture if I don’t do this.

21438933. Use clear mascara/eyebrow gel to tame frizzy hairs around the temples on your head. I swear by this. I have curly hair and in this summer humidity, I ALWAYS get frizzy baby hairs around my face. Tame those bad boys with a little gel and they will stay put.

enhanced-29131-1400773778-14. Want your DIY mani/pedi to last longer? Pant the end of the tips too. This means go over the edge, just not underneath the nail. If you just paint the top of the nail, the polish will contract as it dries and that makes chips and peeling happen faster. Apply two coats of your polish and one coat of topcoat (my favorite here) and make sure all three go over the entire nail and across the end (step 6 in the picture above). Let each coat dry and then apply the next. I promise this will help increase the longevity of your polish.

ProdAdminImage.ashx5. Seriously dry elbows, heels, etc? Throw some Crisco on them. Yep. The white shortening in the tub. That stuff REALLY nourishes. I’ll throw some on my feet, wrap them in saran wrap, put on socks and go to sleep. I have baby soft feet in the morning.

22549316. Makeup melting off in the summer? Skip moisturizer. Apply sunscreen and then go straight to your liquid foundation. Still need the moisturizer due to dry skin? Add a drop of your favorite moisturizer to your foundation and put it all on freshly washed skin. Finish with a “finishing spray” and you’re less likely to melt. (For other tips on how to keep your makeup in place all day long, check out my post here.)

water7. Drink water. Not kidding, this is the number one thing that will help your skin look younger. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin once I started drinking water all day.

df12689addd7906374807869121e10c38. To make your eyes appear larger and younger, apply a light, shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid to the crease. This creates the illusion of a bigger eye. Skip darker shadows on the lid if at all possible. It makes the eyes look smaller. Instead, apply a complimentary shade in the crease and edges.

CM-Alternative-Blotting-Paper-39. Oily face? Next time you’re at Starbucks, grab a few extra brown napkins. They work extremely well as emergency blotting sheets. Simply press gently against the offending oily areas and it will lift the oil, not your makeup.

4baa56c092e8b12970bc53733a71794210. Go brown. Brown liner that is. Black liner looks much harsher, so for a simple summer look, skip the black and go for a medium brown shade for blondes, redheads and light brunettes, and a deeper brown for darker brunettes and those with black hair. Follow with brown mascara, and voila! More natural looking eyes. Still HAVE to wear black? Line the top lashes with black and the bottom with brown. Opens the eyes up!

I’ll be back soon with more tips! Do you have any you think I should include in the next installment of this series? Let me know in the comments!


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