They say as once you have a child, the days are long, but the years are short.

So. True.

I can’t be the only one that feels like this, but I’m seriously having a bit of a mommy freak out moment. Your weekly beauty and style post has been bumped for a little introspection/freak out.

So, we all know my baby has always been huge. He’s just large. At 10 months old he weighted in at 26 lbs, 4 oz and 31 inches long. The kid is in 18-24 month clothing comfortably and quite close to needing 2T in some cases. Other than my constant aching back, I love how chubby and huge my sweet boy is. But because he’s so large, he’s been slow at almost every physical milestone. (He smiled on time, so that was lovely.) Head raising, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, even teeth- he was late.

And now he’s making up for it, and I’m not ok with the lightning speed progression of the past two weeks.

Ian was in Houston for a week for business (rough week, let me tell you), and while he was gone the baby crawled, cut both of his first teeth simultaneously, learned to use a sippy cup and started to clap. All at once. That was two weeks ago. Since, he’s almost standing completely alone, says “Da-da” “Dog” and “All Done.” (No Ma-ma yet, which is SAD NEWS.)

Hello child, can we SLOW DOWN?!?! I mean, I know he’s the SIZE of a toddler, but can he at least act like a baby still? He has opinions about everything, babbles constantly and (fun times) has started expressing his displeasure with us via tiny screamy fits. So, that means the discipline has started. I swear his next word is going to be “no” as we say it all the time. I’ve had people tell us to pick our battles. Trust me, we are. We just think minor things like electrical outlets, baby gates and lamp cords are appropriate things to start on. 😉

When did my snuggly little baby become this HUGE toddler?

Time needs to slow down, because seriously, this is ridiculous. If we could just pause right at this age for a few months, that would be swell. 
IMG_5773 IMG_5774

Sigh. Mommy freakout over.


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