shampoosI will be the first to admit that I don’t wash my hair very often. Like twice a week. Why? Well, due to my curls and length, I need to keep from stripping all of the good nutrients and oils from it, so I keep it covered when I shower and use dry shampoo the rest of the days to keep it smelling and looking clean.

If you aren’t aware of what dry shampoo is, it’s AMAZING. It’s a spray of microscopic dust that soaks up oil. Brilliant. When I was younger, I would use baby powder to do the same thing, but it was obviously white and looked horrible if you used too much.

The first time I remember hearing about dry shampoo was Bumble and Bumble. It was basically colored baby powder. As in, the color of your hair, so it blended in. Genius.

And now we have a plethora of options in all price points. I’ve rounded up my 6 favorite  dry shampoos- 3 in the splurge category and 3 in the save ($10 and under). IMG_0676

Big Sexy Hair: SUPER texturizing, this is my go to for tons of body and volume in addition to a bit of shine and oil absorption. $18.95

Aquage Dry Shampoo: Amazing smell, translucent and oil absorbing. A bit of texturizing. $24

L’oreal Professional Fresh Dust: A cult favorite, this smells great and does a fantastic job when my hair is a bit lackluster. $19 (in my salon)

Dove Dry Shampoo: Smells great, absorbs oil, clear spray! LOVE this! $5

Suave Dry Shampoo: A bit white (perfect for those with blonde hair and some roots showing! Ha!) but blends out. Grapefruit smell, which I love. The budget item of the bunch! $3

Batiste Dry Shampoos: My favorite!!! Voted #1 Dry Shampoo in the UK! Smells amazing, there are like 5 scents to pick from (I love floral, but they’re all pretty great), it’s clear, soaks oil right up AND they also have the option of colored sprays if you want it to blend with your hair better. So many options! $8

Rules of applying dry shampoo:

1. Spray at the roots. Part your hair and spray down the part, basically on the scalp. Re-part your hair 2 inches over, spray again. Repeat all over the top of your head as necessary. Or you can just hit the oily parts. The main goal is to get it where the oil sits, which is on your scalp.

2. Shake, shake, shake. ALWAYS shake your can before you spray. Trust me on this. I shake in between sprays, just in case.

3. Get some distance. Don’y spray too close. Most brands recommend spraying from 8-10 inches away and I would agree.

4. Ease into it. Don’t go crazy at first. It may be a bit white, or it may have some texturing product included, regardless, test a small area and go from there.

I’m going to do a video about this, but I filmed it and after I looked at it, it was WAY too close. No one needs to see that. 🙂 I’ll put it here when I re-film for you.

Any dry shampoos you love that soak up oil better than these I listed? Let me know in the comments? Do you use dry shampoo?


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