Guys, today is a momentous day. My baby boy is ONE!!!!! All of you were right when you told me time flies, and man did it fly this past year. So in lieu of an outfit post today, I thought I would celebrate with a look back.DixonNB-39BLOG DixonNB-16BLOG 1397036_10152800549406210_6713549671731240910_o1498783_10152847467566210_3827180891278395979_o10636766_10152797251076210_6721775037618397300_o IMG_9676 IMG_9680 IMG_972310847388_10152919263491210_3337856133624474126_o10834852_10152907922246210_2478556650917764587_o 4 month drool - Version 2 11041681_10153076618361210_90928026525175573_o10923729_10152990220001210_8129942605513024537_o10855086_10153081790776210_3486050804198399023_o 2015-05-10 06.19.31 2015-06-05 00.47.14 2015-06-05 14.07.57-1 2015-06-05 01.07.3111882374_10153468781436210_6384400012115106836_o11406315_10153305152511210_1274053498227633434_o chair-1-e1436205291868-683x1024 IMG_2513IMG_5773-e1438579142129-1024x1024 IMG_0722 IMG_0808 IMG_0814

Nicknames: Dudo, Scoots, Bubba (Ian), Alex (grandparents), AJ (also grandparents),  Tinker (as in stinker, but I dropped the “s”) and the related Tinker-Do. I’m sure he will hate me for these later in life, but it is what it is.

Likes: Maga (my mom). She tops me on the list of favorite people he loves. I am a close second, but second nonetheless. Food, specifically meat. The kid can eat an entire cup of chicken. 6 chicken nuggets from CFA (my sister can attest to this) plus some fruit. Or an entire hamburger patty. (By himself.) He also loves green beans and any fruit pouch. This child is such an eater. As he should be since he’s in the 99%+ in every size category. He also loves soccer and will kick a ball into his kid goal if we hold him up- it’s pretty hilariously precious. He loves being outside and will crawl after the dogs forever until it’s time to come inside for nap. He is also a big fan of family. He knows his grandparents and aunts/uncles and cousins. Super cute.

Dislikes: Being lotioned after bath (sorry Ian, bath and pre-bed is his job), cats (I have a sad video of him getting whapped by a kitten), toys being taken from him (that’s life buddy), and Maga leaving. Other than that, he’s basically happy all of the time.

He still gets woken up at 6am for his bottle every day by Ian, goes back to bed and sleeps until 8 or 9. He goes back down for nap for 1.5-3 hours at noon and then naps for an hour before dinner. Bedtime is at 9. He sleeps all night like a CHAMP which is fantastic for Ian because he’s the one that would have to put him back to bed if he wakes up. 🙂

He can stand up and balance on his own and walk with the assistance of a toy or someone’s hand. He’s obsessed with his scooter that he sits in and zooms (no exaggeration) around the house. It’s a good thing the dogs love him because he crawls over them constantly and pats them, a bit too hard, all the time. Very cute.

Height: 32″ (that’s officially half my size)
Weight: 27lbs

Sorry for the lack of style and full baby post today, but I wanted to document this momentous occasion. I have never been happier or more sure of what I’m doing with my life. Being a mom is seriously the BEST THING EVER.


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