Have you ever seen a look you love in a magazine and check out the shopping details only to find the item you love WAY too expensive? Wah-waaaaaaah!!! I’m here to help. I’ve compiled my favorite websites and thought I would list them for you. (Keep in mind these are my favorites, not saying these are the only places to shop frugally online.)


Asos: Based in Britain, this online shopping company sells over 850 brands, including their own line and they have regular, plus AND maternity clothes. The range is super inexpensive to pricey depending on what you want. Hands down my favorite.

Forever 21: Crazy inexpensive and really trendy. You get what you pay for, so don’t expect the craftsmanship to be flawless. Think: One Season Wonders. Also they have cute and trendy shoes/boots.

H&M: Same as above, but a bit higher on the quality scale. This screams less “tween” and more “closet staples.” The material still isn’t super luxe, but they have cute blazers that you can’t beat on price.

SheIn: You’ve seen me wear a few of their items here on the blog. Around the same level as Forever21 in quality, but you can get some super cute coats or long flowy “beach dresses” for insanely cheap. Keep in mind, the coats are cute but CRAZY thin and all dresses are much shorter than you can imagine. So shop with that in mind. (There are a ton of these websites, all are based in China and carry similar items, so I’m only putting this one on here.)

Zara: Higher end and the destination if you just saw something on the runway and want the look-alike version. Not super cheap, but quality is better and the designs are chic and look expensive. Also, they always have AMAZING shoes/handbags.

10Dollar Mall: Nothing on the site is over $10. Haha, not even kidding. VERY trendy, but skews towards the tween demographic at times. (Shoes included on the site too.)


6pm.com: It doesn’t get any easier. Type in what you want and browse from thousands of styles. Since they carry brands you’ve never heard of, all the way up to designer, just pick a category and hit “lowest price first” and you shall find your steals and deals!

DSW: I know this is fairly well known, but seriously, they have the same brands you find at the department stores (last season usually) and have a fantastic selection.


Nordstrom Rack: It’s hit or miss, but they have some amazing stuff on there. I like it better for scarves, hats, gloves, watches, etc.

Daily Discount Sites

ZulilyHauteLookGilt all basically do the same thing. Every day they send out an email announcing the items they have for that day and when they’re sold out, they’re sold out. Some let you return things, but beware, most do NOT. Unless you know exactly what you’re getting (ex: you know the brand, know what size fits you) you can get stuck with some items you don’t love. They may return things, only for a credit, which is annoying to me. (I know they have reasons for doing this, but meh. Too much of a hassle for me!) They do have amazing deals though, and if you have the time to sift through the email daily and then immediately go shop, you can get some fabulous items.

DISCLAIMER Remember these things when shopping:

  • Sometimes you get what you pay for, ESPECIALLY with leather goods. If the price is cheap for a pair of boots and they’re not leather, chances are they won’t last more than a season. Also, man-made materials “wear” differently than leather, so if authenticity is important to you, steer clear of any man-made products. There ARE fantastic vegan alternatives, but typically they are almost the same price as leather.
  • Pickiness rules out options. Don’t just expect a specific shoe (brand, color, etc) to be on sale. If it is, GREAT, but half of bargain shopping means going in with an open mind. If you want a specific purse or pair of pumps, chances are you won’t find them.


  • On the plus side, if you DO have a specific brand/style in mind, google it. Sometimes you can find it on eBay, or another online retailer for less than the brand website. A word of caution though, counterfeit handbags and high end shoes (even baby carriers) are running rampant on the internet. Unless you can have a third party verify the authenticity of something, I wouldn’t spend the money.
  • Don’t forget stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx. They have a smaller selection, but you can actually try stuff on.
  • FREE SHIPPING. Always try to get free shipping, so that way you can send them back for free if they don’t work.
  • Remember they’re deals, but not usually steals. If you want $30 boots, chances are they aren’t leather (or a great vegan alternative) and won’t last too long.
  • Lastly, patience. Sale shopping is rarely fast or easy. Sometime you have to dig. That means multiple websites. I know it’s a pain, but this is why people pay stylists (like ME) to do it for them! 🙂

I hope you ladies find something you love! Any sites I left off that you use a a go-to for frugal finds? Share in the comments!



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