Cyber-monday-online-dealsI always joke that I have a black belt in shopping. (It’s a favorite line from the movie Troop Beverly Hills. You MUST see it.) My shopping prowess has been finely honed over the years and I have learned to adapt to the changing retail landscape.

Here is my observation from the past two Black Friday/Cyber Monday week: Shop online or in stores EARLY. Cyber Monday comes AFTER black Friday, but last year they were LAME. Retailers want your money BEFORE black Friday now, so keep a lookout for the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Not kidding, unless there is a deal that is ONLY available on Black Friday (Tv’s, cameras, etc.) shop early.

For example, several retailers were offering anywhere from 40-75% off EVERYTHING on Monday and by the time Black Friday rolled around the deals were ok, but not any better. Some sweeten the pot on Black Friday, but in my experience, Monday is the day to shop. The Monday BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Here’s my logic/tips:

  • The deals seem to be better on Monday, so play on shopping Monday or Tuesday
  • Fewer crowds!! As much as I like shopping “Lord of the Flies” style, I prefer fewer people around me when I shop
  • There is more inventory (i.e.: more sizes and options) when you shop early
  • Keep your receipts and don’t take the tags off of the clothes yet. Check with retailers. Some will adjust the receipt price difference within a week. So if it get cheaper, they refund the difference.
  • CHECK STORE POLICY. Some stores (*cough*Best Buy *cough*) will not honor any Black Friday prices on any day BUT Black Friday. No receipt adjustments, nothing.

I called Lands End and they adjust within 14 days from purchase. The price went from 30% off to 40%. I called, they refunded me money. Just like that. Zero hassle.

Kate Spade? Nope. They won’t do it.

If you think you may want to price haggle (well, make them give you some money back) if you see the price drop, make sure the company you’re buying from will honor a “price adjustment.” Most do, but have some rules. (Ex: only one price adjustment within 14 days from purchase, blah blah.)

So if you buy ANYTHING in the next week, make sure you can get a price adjustment if all of the sudden they drop from 30% off to 60%. Know what the rules for each store are.

Also, Google and Amazon are your friends. Use them. You can almost always find something online cheaper. Do you research. Also, check the Black Friday ads to see what will go on sale.

If you MUST brave the crowds Friday morning, God speed. 🙂 I will be putting up Christmas decorations, listening to Christmas music and baking. 🙂

Do you guys brave the crowds on Black Friday?


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