bodyI was going to write one post about the best beauty products to combat dry skin and hair, but by the time I drilled down to what products to recommend, it was a LONG list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic stuff that I swear by, but I’m not going to subject you guys to a ridiculously long post. So I divided it up into three parts: body, face, and hair

Today is round one: dry skin on your body. This is basically everywhere from your neck down. Some products are more effective with a tiered approach. There are tips and then I have products to suggest as well. Dry skin all over your body is the most common complaint I hear about in the winter. So let’s get into this.

Tip One: Skip the ridiculously hot shower. The hotter the water, the more it zaps your skin of moisture. Keep it warm, but not super hot. (I know, I know. I love a hot shower, but trust me, it’s not worth it.)

Tip Two: Sleep with a humidifier. If you live in a cool/cold winter climate zone in the US (or anywhere worldwide, really,) invest in a humidifier for your bedroom. Typically this is where you spend the most amount of time in your home. Turn that sucker on every night before bed. It keeps the dry air from the heater from drying out your skin/hair even MORE than normal.

Tip Three: Drink water. Yes, I know, everyone says this, but if you don’t drink water your body can’t stay hydrated. That is a huge factor when it comes to dry skin. We drink less in the winter because most drink water when they’re hot, and obviously you’re rarely hot in the winter. Regardless, DRINK WATER. It will help. I notice a difference in how fast my lips get chapped/dry when I don’t drink as much as I should.

Tip Four: Use the right products. Every product I listed below is $12 and under. 🙂 Winter Body Products

  • Change out your shower gel/cleanser for Dove’s Deep Moisture Body wash. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial about how Dove isn’t “soap” and thus won’t dry your skin out. I don’t know about THAT, but I do know that it significantly helps with dry skin. Even my husband loves it, and he gets cranky about dry skin. It even smells normal- no weird scent to turn you off. Yes, there are super expensive brands that might work better, but honestly, this works great. I swear by it every winter. Wait until the very end of your shower to wash it off. It needs to soak in for a bit, so wash your hair, sing a song, whatever. Just let it soak in, and then wash it off right before you turn the water off.


  • Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer right after you shower/before you dry off. Yes, I totally thought this was gimmicky, but I tried it and it’s great. It soaks in pretty fast (which surprised me,) and left my skin soft. It’s great if normal lotion makes you feel sticky.


  • Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme is the BEST. This is gentle enough to use on the baby daily and keeps his (and my) eczema at bay. That is no small feat. We put it all over his body, but I use it on the areas that get really dry- ankles, elbows, legs.

Like I said, you can start with one and then combine it as needed with the other two. I would suggest going in that order too.

Now, on to hands and feet. The secret to keeping your hands and cuticles soft and moisturized is three-fold:

  1. Use a thick cream before bedtime. Never skip this step.
  2. Use lotion after you wash your hands. Every. Single. Time. I know it’s a hassle, but once you start skipping, dry skin cracks and then there’s no fixing that immediately.
  3. Get some cuticle oil.

Pre-bedtime creams (ie: doesn’t soak in as fast, but does serious work):

  • Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa paraffin wax hand lotion. It comes in a baby size to try out and then you can get the bigger size if you love it. I have a mini in my purse at ALL TIMES during the winter and the big size next to my bed. I never skip applying this to my hands and feet (if necessary) before bedtime. Hate lotion on your feet in sheets? Throw on some socks.


  • Vanicream. I discovered this when the baby had bad eczema BEFORE I found the Eucerin. This is free of EVERYTHING. Dyes, fragrance, lanolins, parabens, etc. Fabulous stuff.

Daily lotion is more of a personal preference. Some people like theirs to soak in quickly, others like a specific scent, some want a cream. Regardless, it’s more about frequency here. Every time after you wash your hands, apply lotion.

  • Lastly, (whew!) the cuticle oil. I love Essie’s apricot cuticle oil. I apply this before bed every night and it does WONDERS for my dry cuticles. During the day if I have time, I apply Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Pen. It is what it sounds like. A pen sized dispenser of cuticle oil. Perfect for your purse, desk drawer, car console, basically wherever. Not even joking. It’s obviously a smaller size than the Essie oil and they’re the same price, so I keep the big one at home and put the small one in my purse with the B&BW cream. If you suffer from horrible hangnails or ripped cuticles, this is a must-have for you. Use this BEFORE a lotion or cream.

Ta-da! And THAT, my friends, should keep you covered. Do you have any body products you swear by in the winter? I’d love to hear about them! Stay tuned for the face and hair portion of this series!


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