IMG_1290Merry Christmas and happy holidays friends! I LOVE this time of year, and having a baby (now toddler?) has made the holidays even better! Can we talk about matching pajamas, because this is basically the cutest thing ever. I die. Look at those chubby little feet sticking out of his jammies!!!! Hannah Andersson can just take my money every year because I’m totally doing this until the baby refuses to go along with it. Ian opted out of the family cuteness, but who’s surprised. 😉 IMG_1302

In addition to the pictures of Alexander and I, today I have a curling wand review for you- the Irresistible Me Sapphire 8-in-1 curling wand. Basically, it’s a curling wand with 8 different attachments so you can achieve basically any curled look with one tool. It gets super hot and I love it! wand

If you want to read about the exact specs, click here. What makes me happy is this:

-It heats up fast

-It gets HOT if I need it to (I need it really hot to make my hair hold a curl)

-All of the wands are included in the kit

Here are a few pics of what my hair looks like when I use the wand and then pin the curls up to cool:pie_2Fringe03bJfoA1Ml_JUCoT4G9CsP4_0687_FZgid3tv93hO8QhUsweater_1

I can also do loose waves, but I prefer to do tighter with freshly washed hair so that I can use dry shampoo and let the curls fall out naturally over the course of days. Yes, days. It works THAT well. This is hair on day 4 (don’t judge me):efd81f9970bee839e359abc8801a8668

This is what it looks like when I curl it and DON’T pin them up:


If you want to see the FULL review, check out the handy dandy video I did!

Happy Holidays everyone and come back on Christmas for a special New Years Eve outfit post!!! So many posts!!! 🙂


**Legal MumboJumbo: This curling iron WAS given to me in exchange for an honest review from Irresistible Me. All opinions are my own and I have tested the heck out of this thing and still love it, months later. **


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